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    1. Honestly, the formula is so dreamy that it kind of feels like it justifies the price…or maybe that’s just me justifying it 😀 xx

      1. Yeah it looks great! 😀 The only reasons I won’t probably buy myself is because I’m not really a lip gloss person… That being said they don’t really look like lip glosses… If you know what I mean? 😛

        1. I was just going to say, I spent today battling through the wind whilst wearing lipgloss and I thought to myself, “I’m definitely not a lipgloss person” 😀 I really don’t think I’d have the same issue with these as they’re not sticky – they’re kind of like the formula of a matte lipstick without the matte finish…hopefully that makes sense!

          1. Yeah they don’t look like glosses to be honest! I hate that when gloss goes all over the place in the wind, especially if you wear glasses! XD

          2. Me too! I’m actually on crutches so when I wear gloss, I have to physically stop every time my hair gets stuck – it all becomes a bit of a chore!

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