Dry Styling at Charles Worthington (Perfect Party Hair)

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If you follow me on social media then you’ll probably know how much I love the Charles Worthington Salon in Percy Street, London.  I just find they get everything exactly right; the atmosphere is bright and modern but still comfortable and inviting, the service is second to none and the prices (for a Central London salon) are pretty reasonable.  I also love the fact that they place a lot of importance on their refreshments menu (which costs £2.50 and allows you unlimited access) which contains a host of drinks and snacks that change with the season – the festive menu currently has mulled wine, Christmas Crumble and a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate, all of which I sampled on my visit to the salon yesterday, and I can say with confidence that they will get you in the festive spirit – especially the Mulled Wine which was absolutely yummy!

Every year, the salon offers a Dry Styling service which is pretty much as it sounds; the service involves having your hair styled with products and devices but it isn’t washed or blow-dried, so you cut down the time and the cost of a typical blow drying treatment.  There are three styles on offer as pictured above, but I think you can go along with an idea of what you want (for example, if you’re like me and not great at tonging your hair, you can get a professional involved instead) and, as long as it isn’t too excessive, they’ll be able to dry style your hair.  Having said that, the three styles above are extremely pretty and very festive, so why not give one of those a go.  The Dry Styling service is available now.  The service takes around 15 minutes and costs £20.  You can check for availability online or give them a call – all the info is here – link – I really like how easy it is to book online!


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