Quick Pick Tuesday: Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo

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I’m a real fusspot when it comes to dry shampoos and I certainly don’t seem to get on with the popular ones that everybody loves and raves about.  I also get through a lot of bottles of dry shampoo as I have to get my hair care just right; if I wash my hair too often then it becomes a fluffy, flyaway mess, but if I don’t do it often enough, it quickly turns into an oily, greasy mop that looks terrible.  Therefore, I use dry shampoo on that tricky period just before it needs a wash but when it’s too soon to get stuck-in.  I’ve tried Colab Dry Shampoos before and they are fantastic – a great budget find that performs brilliantly whilst smelling fresh and clean without being overpowering, so here’s a quick look at the newest variant on the block, the Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo.

To be honest, I don’t really know what to say about the new Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo other than it’s a great dry shampoo in a bottle that’s very pretty; I’ve never really ‘got’ the whole unicorn/mermaid thing but I get that it’s a big trend and I think it’s entirely sensible for brands to get involved and share their own interpretations.  I like to use this as soon as my hair starts feeling a little oily as it stops the oil in its tracks; I actually think  applying it the night before (literally just spraying it into the roots, tying my hair and leaving it be) is the best way to get hair looking it’s best on that final, pre-wash day.  The Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo is £3.49 for 200ml which is a good size that’ll definitely last you a while.  It’s a Boots exclusive which you can find here – link.

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