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The Bumble and Bumble Bb Thickening Collection has been around for a while – I remember the huge hype around the cult Dryspun Texture Spray when it first launched – but recently the range has had a bit of an uplift (boom, boom) with some new products as well as updated formulas.  There are eight products in the collection in total, with two new additions and two reformulations.


The two new arrivals are both styling products that compliment the existing Thickening range.  First up is the Bb Thickening Great Body Blow Dry Creme, which is a medium density cream that spreads well throughout the hair and is applied when hair is freshly washed and damp.  It’s designed to provide a whole host of goodies, such as heat protection, volume, moisture and hold.  This is definitely my favourite of the two styling products as it leaves hair feeling very naturally lifted without any plasticky stickiness or excessive hold. It’s one of the best volumising styling products I’ve tried for a while, and it suits my typically European – fine, but lots of it – hair perfectly, giving it soft lift and hold.  I often find that styling products make my hair become greasier more quickly, but this one I think actually prolonged my hairstyle, meaning I could get away with an extra day without a wash.  It’s £25 for 150ml here – link – and you only need a small amount, so I think this bottle will last me quite a while.


The Bb Thickening Go Big Treatment is kind of like a priming spray to help your styling products perform optimally, so you can use it alongside your favourite styling product (be that volumising or other) to add a kind of layer of volume-boosting help.  It’s designed to swell the strands of hair so that you’re working with thicker hair before you start styling it, so it’s a great option for those who don’t want to be limited to just volumising products.  However, if you have fine hair that needs a lot of help, using this an extra punch in the fight against flat hair is a very good place to start.  If you’re like me and can get away with one (very good) volumising product but would like really, really big hair, then this is also fabulous – I would save this for a night out when I’m after seriously impactful volume, or if I want a bit more hold when I give my hair a blowdry.  Predictably, it also works really well alongside the Great Body Blow Dry Creme.  It’s £25 for 250ml here – link.


The two reformulated products are the Bb Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse and the Bb Thickening Volume Conditioner.  I’m not sure why they’ve been reformulated as I can’t recall what the original products were like, but the mousse promises volume, structure and shine in a comfortable finish, whilst the conditioner is designed to add instant volume.  I’ve tried the matching shampoo alongside the conditioner and the duo work fantastically well together, providing impressive and comfortable volume – hair looks a lot thicker and holds the volume really well, even when you haven’t followed with any styling products – I’m very impressed and have used the duo consistently since I received them.  The 250ml bottle of shampoo is £24, however, you can also get a 60ml bottle for £9 if you fancy trying it out before committing to a bigger size, you  can find both here – link. 250ml of the conditioner is £26 and 60ml is £9 here – link.

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