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  1. Hi Sascha!
    This does look a bit underwhelming given the absolutely dazzling Disney theme… Still, I guess £12.95 for all of this isn’t too bad, especially as it’s even delivered straight to your front door.
    Tbh, the box is probably worth a few quid in itself because it’s beautiful and useful for storage.
    The mask actually sounds fab, as does the lip balm. The Paul & Joe primer sounds nice while the eyeshadow and night cream look like they might also be good.
    I can’t help but think Birchbox is still a bit hit and miss each month.
    Lovely review. x
    Hanna |

    1. That’s such a good point – I do tend to forget that it’s a small amount to pay for a box of beauty goodies. It is a bit hit and miss though, and I wish they’d chuck in a few more full-sized bits! xx

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