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  1. Yes! This sounds like my kind of foundation! Light Ivory also seems as if it would suit my skin tone nicely.
    The Boots 3-4-2 deal is the perfect chance to stock up! Love NYX makeup, still buzzing that we can get it in Boots! Used to be so hard to get hold of NYX in the UK – not anymore though!
    Lovely review.

    Hanna Rose |

    1. Thanks Hanna! I know exactly how you feel – I’m so happy they’re so accessible now as they’re such an amazing brand, I always view them as a more affordable MAC based on their phenomenal shade range alone! Thanks very much for your lovely comment xx

  2. I love matte foundations for my oily skin but I find so many of their formulas cake up on me on my upper lip and chin – so annoying! For that reason I’d be scared to try this one out.

    1. I can imagine that would be a pain and as my skin is quite dry I haven’t personally experienced that. I will say though that this is a really good foundation for oil control as it maintains the matte finish really effectively, so fab if you’re oily, although a little too dry for me and my dry-leaning skin!

      If you struggle with certain areas getting a bit too oily, have you considered using powder both before and after applying foundation? Apparently it’s a great way to sandwich the product into place xx

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