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  1. I seem to be seeing this brand everywhere! I’ve been wanting to try this for probably a year now (I love trying out new things), yet I never do. I know that the price is not very high, but do you reckon it is worth it for the number of products you get and the quality associated with it?

    1. The annoying thing about beauty boxes is the overall inconsistency, because one month they can be absolutely amazing and packed full of great products, then the following month they can be the exact opposite! The price point is a good thing to keep in mind as if you work it out over the year then it still works out good value. However, if you can afford to spend a bit more then the more luxury boxes like Look Incredible (mostly make-up), Cohorted (mostly make-up) and Mintd (mostly skincare) are better investments, but they are a lot more expensive xx

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