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  1. Love this post ! I’m wanting to try some vitamin c products myself. So far I’ve tried the ordinarys vitamin c but I don’t like the grainy feel and it smells like crushed paracetamol lol.. I’m wanting to try some of the body shops vitamin c range have you tried anything from them ? Xx

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! I know what you mean – I hate that gritty feeling and I always feel like it’s going to look lumpy under my makeup! I haven’t actually tried any of The Ordinary but I’ve heard fairly good things. I also have’t tried the Vit C products from The Body Shop, but as a whole I do really like their skincare range (particularly their Vitamin E and Aloe collections) so I would hope the Vit C products would be good too. I definitely recommend adding a bit of Vit C to your routine though, it really is a game-changer in terms of glow! xx

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