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    1. It really is an interesting product – too soon for me to work out whether it does anything other than relax my muscles, but even that alone makes it worthwhile! xx

  1. thanks for your in depth reviews! i got one of these [instead of sleeping ;)], and so far i really think my skin loves it–but it’s far too soon to know about any results from the microcurrent–that’s 6-8 weeks of daily use i believe. thus i think my skin is benefiting from the product absorption aspects–and perhaps i’m waiting a bit longer between steps, as i tend to use it after each things: after washing face, after exfoliation, after essence, after serum, and moisturizer. this helps me get the suggest 5 minutes without actually having to do it in 5 minutes all at once–lots of boring repetitions there! when i first began i ran it back and forth, but a friend suggested only running it in the upward motion, so im attempting that now. love to hear in a couple months what you think!

    1. That’s really interesting, thanks so much! I’ll definitely give that a go – I’m treading carefully at the mo as I’ve just moved up to a stronger retinol and I don’t want to upset my skin, but I will try easing it in to some of the other steps in my routine to see how that goes xx

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