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  1. Hey! I was wondering how long your order took and if there were any additional customs charges or anything? I have my eye on some things (from your post too!) but would love to know because I’ve been burned by stuff like customs and that before! Xx

    1. Hiya, great questions as those are things that would’ve bugged me too! The delivery is fairly quick – usually less than two weeks (I’ve made two purchases now and both have arrived in around 10 days) and they actually have a system set up to repay you any Customs charges, so if you do get stung, you can claim it back, which I think is fantastic! Having said that, I’ve not had to use that yet so I don’t know how reliable it is, but it looks legit xx

  2. Thanks so much for your quick response! They’ve got so many good deals going on right now that I think it’s definitely worth the risk and that payback sounds really smart of them, guess they’re legit! X

    1. No probs! It really is a brilliant site and I love the fact that you can earn discounts by reviewing bits on there (really quickly) so I’m definitely a convert, I just have to try and limit myself on there as I want everything – I’m going through such a big K-Beauty moment! xx

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