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  1. Used the product for the first time. Do not like the applicator at all it is all over my fingers. Disappointed

  2. Yay.. Sistaco arrived yesterday. Did my nails today.. so pretty. Within 2 hours of application the polish had worn off the tips of my right hand. ( I was knitting) Very disappointed as was led to believe the polish would last up to 2 weeks.

  3. I love this system. On my first application the tips wore off almost immediately too, but following advice from the lovely people on the Sistaco fb group, I capped off my nails the next time and they lasted for three weeks, far better than any gel polish I’ve ever used. I’m a convert!

      1. It literally just means that you bring the polish/powder over the tip of the nail to create a “cap” so it’s less likely to wear in that area as that’s usually where the wear starts xx

  4. Let us know when you get diagnosed with Onycholysis. Do a bit of independent research about this product and brand – they try VERY hard to silence bad reviewers, but they don’t always succeed. Many, MANY users have developed Onycholysis from using this brand.

    1. I developed Onycholysis, sent photos to Sistaco HQ and the owner responded. Her advice was invaluable, pinpointed the issue, rectified and my nails are now fantastic. I have yet to restart this system’s application. I will be monitoring EVERY MOVE.

    2. Same thing happened to me. I was an obsessed super fan (I literally have every color they make) for about six months…until I realized it was destroying my nails. It took another six months using NO nail color and babying my nails for them to look even halfway normal. I now have over $2000 in Sistaco products I cannot use at all. I have photos to prove this. I contacted the company and their only advice was to try using tea tree oil on my nails, and an empty promise that they were working on a milder base coat and remover. It’s been almost a year and neither product has materialized.

    3. I was just trying to find this info as I have an allergy to gel nails and have onycholysis. I’ll not get this system. Back to the drawing board

  5. I’ve been using Sistaco for a year now, and have not had any adverse reactions or Onycholysis (or however it is spelled). If you are allergic to the ingredients, it will happen with any program with the ingredients.
    I love Sistaco and will continue to use it as long as they are in business!

  6. I was excited to use this for the first time, at first I was so happy the way it went on and looked, until I took a photo and looked closely I was very disappointed it didn’t go on even and was very patchy, and now I have the powder in my top coat liquid, I was really hoping it was better than this and not to mention it came off really easy , the videos make it look so good and easy

  7. I think people are not using it right, it has to be still tacky before applying powder and you must set the tip at the end. Please try again because honestly it is so good ❤️

    1. I have just been looking on here as my ends seem to rub off really easily and I see capping is mentioned. Is that just the final top coat? Also, am I not pushing the powder in hard enough? Also should the base layers be thick or thin? I can’t see any of this mentioned on the Sistico instructions but I do like it and feel that I’m just not doing something right! Really want to love it, just need a couple of tips I think.

      1. Hi Tracy,

        Sorry for the delay – not sure how I missed your comment! It has been a little while since I used Sistaco (I’ve let my nails go a bit, need to up my game again!) but from what I remember, capping can be applied to all the layers if you want to make them last. However, if you struggle with that then just capping the top coat will help. I really buffed the powder in until it kind of changed from sparkly to chrome-like, I don’t think you can overdo it and the sponge sticks they sell make this a lot easier!

        I also applied thin layers of both the base and top coat, and to make it all really last, I actually applied more than one coat, so I think it went base coat, top coat, powder, top coat, powder, top coat – if I remember correctly! Just make sure you cure properly and it lasts absolutely ages.

        Hope this helps! xx

  8. Hi, I’ve just discovered Sistaco and also other at home dip powder systems (I rarely get my nails done, maybe once a year or less, and never do them at home), and I was wondering if you have also tried the Glamrdip system? I’m trying to find a comparison between the two so I can decide what to buy, as they are pretty much the same price point.


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