Fun-Filled Day at Olympia Beauty

Both the long-suffering boyfriend and I had a fabulous time at Olympia Beauty today. There were some really interesting stalls and products, of which I’ll write about in more detail once I’ve done a bit more research. Highlights included a strawberry and marshmallow chocolate fondue which I just cannot. Stop. Thinking. About.

However, what I will briefly discuss now is Crown Brush who make wonderful and very affordable brushes and make-up palettes. My thing at the moment is blush (giving mascara a bit of a break whilst I enjoy Maybelline’s Cat Eyes) and I bought a brilliant palette of blushes, one of which is a pale pink which I’ve been hunting for and consequently spent a fortune on via various brands, more of that to follow in my first Challenge article.
The palette I bought contains 10 blushes of varying colours and shimmers. Once I’ve had a chance to use the palette I’ll write a review. Same applies to the brushes, of which I bought 8; have a look at my pictures tomorrow.
That’s all from me today as stumbling around the gigantic Grand Hall at Olympia was hard work, but I’m happy with my purchases so far and I had a great day. If you visited Olympia Beauty today or plan to tomorrow, then I hope you had/have as much fun as I did!

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