Upcoming Look Good, Feel Better Beauty Editors Day 2011

I am very excited about the Beauty Editors day that will be happening this Thursday (29th October 2011) at Selfridges, London. The Look Good, Feel Better charity is one that is immensely close to my heart, considering both my parents have had cancer (mum had Ovarian 16 years ago, Dad throat last year) and I believe the vanity aspect of what typical cancer treatments do is often overlooked because of the seriousness of the disease itself. For both my parents it wasn’t the disease itself that they had trouble accepting, it was the superficial side effects; for my mum, losing her hair, eyelashes and a lot of weight resulted in her self-esteem plummeting and for my dad he was overly conscious of his scarring which lead from his chest to his head.

I think we all take our looks for granted and focus on the little things (I really don’t like my nose and the fact that I get spots frequently) but how would we feel if we lost all our hair? Can you imagine?! Women rely heavily on their hair as a source of femininity, so I struggle to imagine how it feels for those who have to choose between dying or losing the main thing that makes them feel like a woman.
Look Good, Feel Better is a charity that focuses on this neglected aspect of cancer and promotes the idea that people suffering from cancer shouldn’t have to just accept the confidence loss. This editor’s day is wonderful and appears to occur every year (although this will be my first one) and for £20 – all of which goes to the charity – you get a 20 minute appointment with a top Beauty Editor and a goody bag to take home. What’s in the goody bag will depend on the brand that your chosen editor is working with.
This Thursday I will be meeting with Lisa Oxenham who is the Beauty Editor for Marie Claire magazine and having met her before, I’m very excited as she’s absolutely lovely.
For more information on the charity, have a look here and for more information on this Thursday’s event, look here.

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