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  1. The light one couldn’t be a better match for you. I don’t see how the U.G. one could be perfect for everyone, even if it’s well blended in. I’ll look for it online. Maybe it works better with darker skin colours?
    Thanks for the swatches lovely!

    1. I know! I couldn’t believe how it just disappeared into my skin; made it a nightmare to swatch! I’ve since purchased the light one and I’m not that blown away with it to be honest, will be reviewing it soon.

      I have absolutely no idea how the UG one works; at the time of writing I’d only seen positive reviews but a few negative ones have appeared now, but it would be way too orange for me I think xx

  2. Could you test the Fair colored one? I’m currently using it in Light, but I think it might be a bit too dark.Color aside, the product is amazing!

    1. Sorry it took me a while to reply; I though the light and the fair shades were the same thing? If Light is too dark then I’m guessing you’re very fair so you might want to try out something from one of the Asian brands (you can get them seriously cheap on eBay) as they cater for really fair skin tones xx

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