New Skin: Acne Treatment N-Lite Review and Picture Update

The battle against acne continues and I’ll start by apologising for the gory close-ups of my horrid skin but I thought it was necessary!!  The pictures well all taken about 4-6 weeks apart to give you an idea of the changes occurring.

I’ve now completed my course of N-Lite and I’m still using the Jan Marini products as mentioned here.  As a blogger, I believe it’s my job to try and give my readers as much information as possible so they can assess the product/treatment themselves and decide accordingly whether it’s something they’d be interested in pursuing, so that’s what I’m going to try and do today.

I’ll start with the N-Lite review.  Firstly I’ll say that after months of moaning about my spots, I’ve *finally* reached a point where I’m not really getting many any more which is great.  I had three treatments in total and pain wise they were quite uncomfortable; the first one I had wasn’t too bad, but the following two were done using a stronger level on the laser and boy did they smart.  However, it’s not unbearable and definitely worth tolerating to get the final outcome which appears to currently be clearer skin.  Thankfully the treatments are quick – 10 to 15 minutes tops – and there’s no real downtime so you can get on with your plans straight afterwards.

Now on to the results.  I’ve really thought long and hard about what’s been going on with my skin lately so I could try and make an informed conclusion on the results provided by both the Jan Marini products and the N-Lite.  I’m definitely at a point where I’m getting virtually no spots; certainly none of those horrid, cystic types that form to a giant infection – I haven’t had for I’d say probably about 4 weeks now – and the spots I do get are tiny – either on the surface or just beneath – and disappear quickly without causing any drama, but this has all come at a price.

When I watched my original video talking about my bad skin, I was quite surprised to see the texture and finish of my skin.  Yes I had some pretty nasty breakouts, but they were mostly confined to my jawline and chin and the scarring was pretty minimal.  I was diagnosed with mild to moderate acne, yet once I started treatments this progressed to what I would deem moderate to severe acne as there were lots of angry, infected spots (including on my holiday where there appeared to be one growing on top of two which is as lovely as it sounds) and this lasted for quite some time; a good 4-5 months I’d say.  So whilst my skin is now virtually clear, I’m left with pretty severe scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Now, there are a few arguments to be made here; firstly, am I better off with PIH than spots?  In a way, yes.  It’s a hell of a lot easier to cover, doesn’t hurt and in theory should fade, and of course I could be just being a big drama queen moaning about them as they may all have faded within a few months.  If that’s the case then I will be shouting from the rooftops as this really will be the perfect treatment plan for skin like mine.  I would be MORE than happy to recommend this treatment if it was a case of a few months with terrible skin, followed by a few months with terrible scarring before skin started looking half normal, so I really hope that’s the case with me and obviously I’ll definitely keep you updated as to what happens.  It is worth pointing out though that the scarring does appear to be easing up and fading quite rapidly, so I’m hoping this will continue.  I will also be starting a course of peels soon to speed up the process even further.

I’m very lucky to have had an amazing rep at Jan Marini who appears to be on a one-woman mission to give me perfect skin (partly because she’s lovely and incredibly sympathetic and partly because she had skin exactly like mine for a really long time before she started using Jan Marini products) and the next phase will be focussed on repairing my scars (which thankfully are mostly surface scars) so as soon as any progress has been made with that, I shall let you know.

So in conclusion, if it isn’t obvious, I’m still very undecided about it all and I don’t think I can form a confident conclusion until a few months from now, where I’ll be able to assess how the scarring is fairing and, more importantly, if my skin has stayed clear.  In the meantime I’d say I’m probably leaning towards saying that it is worth it as it’s certainly great to have so few spots, but again I’ll have to wait a little longer to give a definite yes or no on my treatments.  One thing I will say at this point is that my overall skin tone and finish has definitely improved and I really enjoy using the Jan Marini products.  Therefore, I’ll shortly be writing up a post designated to my thoughts on the Jan Marini products I’m using to give you an idea of what’s worked so far.

More info about N-Lite at The Private Clinic can be found here and more info about Jan Marini can be found here.  

So what do you think; can you see the improvement? 
Do you think the pros outweigh the cons so far? 

Disclosure: treatments and products provided for the purpose of this review.



  • Myriad Verdigris
    January 10, 2013

    Not much to say except glad it’s worked as far as it has and good luck with the scars 🙂

    • Sascha BG
      Myriad Verdigris
      January 15, 2013

      Thanks so much! It does seem to be getting even better every day so I’ll update again soon xx

  • Stacey
    March 30, 2013

    This is just so inspiring. I would love to see another current picture. Also like to add that cleansing from the inside out is also important. Keep going!

  • ak
    July 10, 2014

    I have just had an ‘ultimate acne facial’ at EF Medispa in London where they used blue LED light to kill bacteria including acne causing bacteria. What do think of that kind of light? Good or twaddle?

    • Sascha
      July 11, 2014

      Ooo good question! I have had a couple of facials with the blue lights and I’ve always found them an overall positive experience, however I don’t know if that’s the light itself or the whole facial. Having said that, I’ve used similar at-home devices in the past and always got on well with them, plus I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews of how blue light is a very gentle yet effective way of killing off certain types of acne bacteria. What do you think? Any positive results so far?

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