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Radiance Boosting FacialPIN IT

Now I’m free to dabble in the wonderful world of skincare again, I’ve been trying out various products I’ve amassed over the past few months to create what I feel works as a good facial for boosting radiance.  Whilst my skin is virtually clear, it does tend to show signs of dehydration quite often and if ever I have an event or night out planned where I’d like my skin to look a little more fresh and radiant, I use these three products as a quick and effective facial the night before.

Gerlinde Jojoba Face CleanserPIN IT

First up, I cleanse with Gerlinde Naturals Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser* which is absolutely amazing and worth  far more than it’s £8.90 price tag.  It’s a cleanser suitable for all skin types, but I especially recommend it for those who are spot-prone and Jojoba oil is the one oil that acneic skin responds really well to, so if you’re looking to try and oil cleanser but are fearful that oils will break you out, this is the one to try.  It’s used in the same way as any other oil cleanser, you just squirt a few pumps into your hand, warm up the oil and then work it all over your face to remove make-up and dirt.  You then wash it off with a warm flannel (I’m still loving Washi clothes) and skin is left feeling clean, fresh and supple without a trace of dryness or oiliness.  For this facial I tend to do a rinse and repeat and on the second time I spend a few minutes massaging my face to boost circulation.

Merumaya Pure Radiance MaskPIN IT

Next up I use Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask* which does pretty much exactly as it says on the tin.  It’s a cream mask with a hint of clay that results in skin feeling both deeply cleansed and extremely smooth.  I actually leave this on for about half an hour, although it is the sort of mask you can use as a quick pick-me-up if you just want to boost the overall clarity and radiance of your skin.  Due to it’s clay content, it’s also a great, gentle exfoliator, but the inclusion of olive oil stops the clay turning dry and difficult to remove.  Skin looks clean, bright and even after use and as it’s so gentle, I think you could get away with using it a few hours before an event if you wanted to keep the results as fresh as possible.  This costs £19.50.

Gerlinde Naturals Rose & Chamomile Floral WaterPIN IT

Lastly, I finish with another Gerlinde Naturals product which is the Rose and Chamomile Floral Water*.  This is a spray toner which I always think are perfect as a finishing product for facials as it provides moisture without overdoing it – especially important for skin like mine.  This spray toner is beautifully scented and I would say it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins.  I rarely feature many natural products as nine times out of ten, in my opinion, they just don’t perform as well as more chemical-based products but the few items I have tried from Gerlinde Naturals have really impressed me, especially the cleansing oil and this Floral Water which comes in at the bargain price of just £6.90 for the larger version of 100ml.

I’ve become really selective about the products I’ll use on my face as I really don’t want to kick off any problems again, but these three products above do an amazing job at boosting radiance and balancing my skin without a trace of a breakout, so if you’re looking to include more products in your skincare that’ll give your skin a gentle but effective lift, then all three of these are ideal choices that won’t break the bank.


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  • Julia
    February 27, 2013

    I found your blog while looking for some Merumaya reviews. I too suffer with spots and have done since I had my first child at 23. Before that I had no spots, even as a teenager! I’ve recently started using the cleansing balm and so far so good! As I’m now 36, I was looking for a skincare brand that didn’t cause breakout but was anti-aging. I shall be back for more product reviews soon! x

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