New Skin: Update on Spots

I thought it’d be a good idea to update on what’s happening with my skin with regards to spots.  It’s safe to say I’m a happy bunny, since I’m down to maybe one or two a week now (if that) and they’re absolutely nothing to complain about; they’re small, uninfected and leave almost as soon as they arrive. Weirdly, I got a spot on my neck a couple of days ago (I’ve never once had one on my neck) but apart from that, there’s nothing to report.

The next phase of my “New Skin” series will focus on how I’m dealing with the scarring from spots, as discussed in my post here. I’ll be starting a course of peels soon and for the time being I’ve decided to continue with the Jan Marini* routine since it’s clearly worked so well.  I do think that the N-Lite* forced everything forward, whilst the Jan Marini skincare has maintained the clarity, so long may it last, but obviously I’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

Now I’m allowed to be slightly more flexible with my skincare and take on a few different things to try, so I’ll have some skincare related posts coming soon.  I’m also now ready to start trying new foundations that are not all about high coverage – I’m currently lusting after Lancome’s newest one – so expect to see some reviews relating to other types of foundation soon.  All I really do now, other than on night’s out, is use the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder which I build up over the scars and dust all over for an even finish.  I wouldn’t say this completely covers the scars, but I’m really not too bothered about them in comparison to how difficult it was trying to get normal looking skin when I had spots, so I’m thoroughly enjoying a much easier time both skincare wise and make-up wise.

So all-in-all, things are much, much, much better with my skin; it’s surreal not having spots and now my main skin issue is dehydration which is a small price to pay for clear skin.

More more info on Jan Marini head here, and for more info on The Private Clinic where I had my N-Lite treatment, head here.



  • Natasha @ Shot of Beauty
    February 14, 2013

    Hi Sascha – thanks for sharing this with us. I too have problematic skin which started when I was a teenager – nobody believes that I have because I wear a lot of make up! It’s so important to have a skin care regimen that works and I have found a good one with Skinceuticals at the moment. Really great to hear Jan Marini is going well for you x

    • Sascha BG
      Natasha @ Shot of Beauty
      March 8, 2013

      Thanks Natasha! It is going so well and I’m just hoping it’ll last. I’ve heard good things about Skinceuticals and they’re definitely a brand I’ll look into trying next xx

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