Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 20 Weeks

Sorry for what seems to be a fairly regular appearance of “off-topic” posts lately; this is my second this week but it’s all stuff that’s very current that I want to share! Yesterday (Thursday) I turned 20 weeks pregnant and also had my main anomaly scan.  For those of you who don’t know, an anomaly scan is a detailed assessment of a baby’s development, and they look at sizing of all limbs as well as major organs and overall appearance.

Profile 20 weeks

PIN IT Profile picture of his head.


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you’ll have seen the pictures in this post already.  It was a mixed bag of results.  During my last update here, you may remembering that I mentioned how concerned I was about the fact that Little Man was showing up small on certain measurements.  He appears to be all caught up now which is a HUGE relief as I was so worried about what slow development might mean.  He’s now measuring exactly as he should be at 20 weeks which is awesome.

If you know me, you’ll know that I use crutches due to disability.  I have a nerve and muscle wasting in my left leg, but most of you will probably not be aware of the fact that that isn’t the disability I was born with.  I was born with a very mild problem called Talipes – otherwise known as Club Foot – which involves having feet that turn inwards at awkward angles, and is generally perceived as easily correctable.  For various reasons, my disability progressed into other unrelated issues and that’s why my feet never really corrected.  Sadly, my Little Man is also going to be born with Talipes, but things have come on a long way since my diagnosis 29 years ago! He’ll be in casts from birth for six weeks, then he’ll have a very minor surgery on his tendons (done under local anaesthetic) and then he’ll need to be in special boots for a few years, firstly all day for 3 months, then for 12 hours a day.

Thumbs Up from Little Man!

PIN IT Thumbs Up from Little Man!


It isn’t ideal, but I’m so relieved that in theory it should be easily corrected, and I’m also even more relieved that he’s now a healthy size, moving around like you would not believe and he’s still being difficult for each and every scan; that’s my obnoxiously stubborn boy!



  • Rachelle (@RoxyOBrien)
    July 2, 2013

    congrats on the pregnancy and how awesome getting to see your little man! I was over the moon when I seen my little guy on screen too.

    I know its a worrying time but things have come on medically in the last 10yrs so hopefully all the little mans difficulties will be easily helped xxx

  • Tia
    July 2, 2013

    Hi hunni! Long time no speak, for some reason I cannot access your site on my works PC so I have to come on at home which is a rarity for me. Anyhow, I saw this post and just wanted to say that I am really pleased he has caught up measurement wise 🙂 Can’t imagine what a worry it would have been but really hope you’re ok 🙂 Take care, speak soon Tia xxx

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