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I wrote a brief introduction to the Rituals Laughing Buddha range here, and now I’ve had a chance to play around with some of the range, I thought I’d share my thoughts on three of the products: Fortune Oil, Touch of Happiness and Happy Mist.  Rituals Laughing Buddha is available now.

Fortune Oil


This is a beautifully silky shower oil, that leaves skin feeling cleansed and mositurised without any greasy residue that can sometimes happen with shower oils.  It’s scented with sweet orange and cedarwood, but unfortunately the sweet orange gets overpowered by the woodiness of the cedar.  This is not a major issue unless you’re not a cedarwood fan like me! Thankfully the scent doesn’t tend to linger on the skin, and it’s a pleasant enough scent, just not something I personally like. It is, however, an extremely lovely shower oil to use that’s very reasonable priced at £8 for 200ml.

Touch of Happiness


This is the body cream that corresponds with the scent in the Fortune Oil.  It comes in a giant, sturdy tub and the cream itself is very moisturising, quite rich, but sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave any greasiness or stickiness.  Interestingly, the blend of the two dominant scents are better in this cream, and the sweet orange has more strength.  It still isn’t my favourite smell in the world, but I really love the texture of the cream and it’s very good at treating dryness.  This is £15 for 200ml.

Happy Mist


I saved the best until last as this product is an absolute treasure! There are two scent families in the Laughing Buddha collection; the sweet orange and cedar as mentioned above, and the mandarin and Yuzu scent as featured in this amazing linen and body spray.  I am getting through this at an astonishing rate as it is just so fantastically charming; the scent uplifts, boosts and makes everything around you smell fresh and summery.  I have actually been layering this over the above two products as it brings out the sweet orange and all the scents work in harmony together.  However, what I love using this for most is a pillow spray before bed.  I also tend to wake up a lot throughout the night (the many magical aspects of pregnancy) and I tend to respray as it’s just so soothing! My words are incapable of doing this scent justice, so I suggest you head to your nearest Rituals counter and give this a good sniff.  This is £15 for 50ml but it will last quite a while, unless you’re like me and use it excessively throughout the day and night…

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