Montagne Jeunesse Sachet Masks – Super Fruit Mud Review

Montagne Jeunesse masks are a bit controversial, as some people absolutely swear by them, whilst others have had uncharacteristically nasty reactions to them for no apparent reason.  I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for them as they remind me of the joy and excitement I used to feel when purchasing bargain beauty bits as a teenager; a sachet mask, gloriously scented and luxurious in texture felt like the epitome of indulgent pampering in those days!

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Mongtagne Jeunesse sachet masks are a fairly substantial range of one-time use masks, in all sorts of formats (such as mud, clay, peel-off etc) and within these formats are different formulations (such as chocolate, fruit, green tea etc) that cater to all skin types and concerns.  There are four new additions to the catalogue: Manuka Honey Peel-Off, Nut Oil, Creamy Coconut and Super Fruit Mud.  At first, I was most keen to try the Creamy Coconut mask as the idea of luxuriating in the rich scent of creamy coconut appealed greatly, but once I inspected the ingredients I saw that it contained Shea Butter which is a known spot-creator, and with my rather reactive, hormonal skin I thought I’d best avoid!  Therefore I gave the Super Fruit Mud a go instead.

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The first thing I will say about this mask is that it is definitely, DEFINITELY not suitable for sensitive skins! I applied it, and within moments it was really stinging; to put it into perspective, I’ve had salon-based acid peels that have stung less, so I was a bit alarmed by this and therefore if you are prone to any kind of reaction you’ll need to avoid this like the plague.  Thankfully, after about 5 minutes the stinging subsided and I left the mask on for approximately 45 minutes; not actually with intention, but because I got carried away with blogging (I love to stick on a mask and get blogging!) so when I came to inspect the mask, it looked like a pretty standard dried clay finish, apart from weird marks that looked like burns as you can see in the picture.

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I freaked out a bit as I was quite scared as to what might greet me when I washed off the clay! As is usual with clay, it was a right pain to remove – I find the best way is to wet kitchen towels and go over the mask in circular movements – but it came off eventually and thankfully my skin wasn’t burnt, or even red in fairness, it was just extremely clean, smooth and looked really polished.  I was actually really impressed with the overall effect the mask had, which lasted several days, as it definitely settled my breakouts and smoothed my skin without leaving any patchy dryness.  You get all theses benefits for £1.09 which I do think is extremely good value, so if you have tough skin that can handle things like strong peels then do give this mask a go, but if you’re in any doubt about skin sensitivity, I’d say either completely avoid, or give them a patch test and ease yourself in! Montagne Jeunesse Sachet masks are available now, and more info about the Super Fruit Mud mask can be found here.

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