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Here we have an excellent example of a win/win collaboration that’ll benefit everyone involved.  The Illamasqua’s #Creators collection is an edit of four products designed by four of the biggest social influencers in the UK.  The result of this collaboration will be that the bloggers will be fully behind the brand, so it’ll get plenty of support for acknowledging the influence that the online media has, the customer will get the chance to really connect with some of the online media’s biggest players by wearing products that have been created from scratch by the influencers, and the influencers themselves get to put their name to a seriously cool product and experience.  Is this not the most perfect bit of brand initiative?

Illamasqua #creatorsPIN IT

The four products consist of 2 lipglosses – Sheer Lipgloss in Culminate by Milly from Pearls and Poodles and Intense Lipgloss in Wanderlust from Munroe Bergdorf – as well as two new nail varnish shades – Perseid by Style Suzi and Fusion by Yinka from Vex in the City.  I’m most excited about the varnish shades, although I understand Culminate to be one of those shades that lifts lipsticks beautifully and is sheer enough to suit most skin tones.  It’s such an exciting and refreshing idea to see a brand fully embrace online influencers, so kudos to Illamasqua for thinking of this first…I bet money this won’t be the last occasion we see this happening though! Illamasqua #Creators is available now from  For swatches and a closer look at the collection, check out Leanne’s awesome post here.


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  • Leanne
    October 8, 2013

    Thanks for the linkage milf face! xx

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