BeautyLab London Black Diamond Facial


There are few pampering treats I can resist, especially since Teddy has arrived as I count every moment of pampering as pure indulgence, so when I was invited to Harvey Nichols to experience the BeautyLab London Black Diamond Facial, I absolutely had to take advantage; you really can’t beat a good facial, can you?


BeautyLab is currently the skincare brand behind the glowing complexions of The X Factor contestants, with the focus of BeautyLab products being mostly exfoliation and hydration.  Consequently, the aim of the facial is to smooth, soften, plump and hydrate – all things most skin types would really benefit from.  The exfoliation comes in both manual and chemical forms, but thankfully the manual is very mild and the use of glycolic acid is the dominant factor; as a firm believe in the power of acids in skincare, this was an a great element for me as I’ll always welcome an acid-based facial.  In fact, BeautyLab have a few acid based products (such as their GlycoWash  – a product many rave about) in their collection that are well worth investigating.


The facial also included having oxygen wafted over the hands and face (probably my favourite part as it’s both relaxing and very effective at forcing ingredients in to the lower layers of skin) and several masks and light massages.  The facial is a good mix of both pampering and results-driven elements which for me really means you’re getting your money’s worth, taking away a bit of both types of facial.  The only thing I didn’t like was that after the facial I had a powder applied to reduce the post-facial shine; I kind of think this might have been something that was just added for me due to my rather red and spotty skin – although I could be wrong – but whenever I’ve had a facial I like to let my skin breath for as long as possible to feel the full effects, which I fear the powder might have got in the way of.  Having said that, my skin feels and looks brighter, smoother and more refined and make-up goes on like a dream.  I had my facial at Harvey Nichols which is only available for another couple of days, however, if you fancy trying the facial yourself then head to BeautyLab to find your nearest therapist here – link.  The BeautyLab Black Diamond Facial costs £125 for a 60 minute treatment.

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