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I think, *think*, my skin is finally on track.  I’ve said that a few times in previous posts before all hell broke loose and my skin became a mess again, so I’m treading carefully with any proclamations, but I am wearing a lot less make-up, suffering from fewer breakouts, and generally enjoying better skin.  I *think* this is down to a combination of three things – the laser treatment I’m having at Sk:n, a skincare routine that mostly focuses on hydration and constant, regular use of my LightStim device.

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There are three LightStim devices available, one for spots, one for pain and one for wrinkles, the latter of which is the one I have, which utilises red light therapy to generally refine skin by reducing pores, wrinkles, general textural issues and give skin a glow.  All the decent facials I’ve had recently have contained red light therapy, so if the very best facialists are using a device in all their facials, you know it’s something to take note of.

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The LightStim involves quite a bit of commitment – for the first two months you need to use it at least five times a week, and each area takes three minutes to treat.  It’s a really decent sized head but I still find myself using 9-10 three minute cycles to ensure all areas of my face are covered, which means I use it for half an hour a night.  Whilst that is a lot, it’s very easy to use – literally plug in, turn it on, place it on your face and hold it in position, then move it to another position when it beeps – and you can do this all whilst watching telly as very little attention is needed.

Lightstim for Wrinkles Device ReviewPIN IT

It gets pretty hot and skin can look quite red after use, but it isn’t uncomfortable and it provides a very noticeable difference that I found started showing after about two weeks of use.  I’ve had horrendously dry skin for quite some time, but this has given me a bit of glow back and I do feel the overall clarity and bumpiness of my skin is evening out.  It comes with a serum that I haven’t used as I’m happy with my current skincare, but I do use this after a serum application and I feel it really helps the product do it’s job.  I’m only about 3-4 weeks into using this, so I’ll give you another update in a month or two.  I’ve had a good nose around online and other reviews seem equally positive, so I’m hoping the great results will continue.  The main thing I love about this is how faff-free it is – it comes with a lead and a pouch, some easy instructions and the serum, making it a very sensibly created product that I hope will become a long-term feature in my skincare routine.  Find out more about it here – link – or purchase it for £242 here – link.

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