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Lancome Juicy Shakers Freedom of Peach, Boom-Meringue and Apri-CutePIN IT

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lancome Juicy Shakers.  I’m sure even my dad – the skinhead, tattooed South Londoner – has heard of Lancome Juicy Shakers.  They are pretty much inescapable, which is thankfully just about okay since they are extremely cute to look at, just on the right side of novel and definitely something you’ll want to investigate further if you like your make-up.  Lancome Juicy Shakers are this decade’s answer to Juicy Tubes – remember those? Who didn’t want every colour? – as they’re fun, colourful and flattering.

Lancome Juicy Shakers Freedom of Peach, Boom-Meringue and Apri-Cute ReviewPIN IT

Currently available in thirteen shades and one limited edition shade (the blue one – it’s mint flavoured but doesn’t actually leave any colour on the lips) the Juicy Shakers are a bi-phase formula of rich pigment alongside nourishing oils, that you shake up to (wake up…) mix, so you end up with a lightly pigmented oil that can be built up, the more you shake.  To clarify, a quick shake will infuse the oil with a little bit of pigment, whilst a more committed, vigorous shake adds more colour to the oil which then gives a stronger colour payoff.

Lancome Juicy Shakers Freedom of Peach, Boom-Meringue and Apri-Cute ReviewsPIN IT

Each shade is, I believe, named after the flavour of the product rather than the colour.  I say “I believe” because I don’t believe the names really correspond with the colour – although they might be loosely linked – but I could be wrong.  The packaging definitely deserves a special mention, since it’s beautifully presented with an elegant, chrome-finish lid that sits atop a vial of clear, glass-like plastic that contains the product.  The applicator is actually a dome-tipped sponge that you can use to apply a wash of colour with light pressure, or press more firmly for more pigment.

Lancome Juicy Shakers Swatches Freedom of Peach, Boom-Meringue and Apri-CutePIN IT

I was sent two shades; Freedom of Peach that adds a hint of peachy tone to the lips, and, believe it or not, smells of peach, and Apri-Cute, which is a kind of blood orange shade that’s definitely the most pigmented of the three I have.  It has an apricot scent and the colour lends slightly orange, but nothing too OTT.  I also picked up the Barbie Doll pink shade called Boom-Meringue, which is the least pigmented of my trio and barely showed up on my lips, however, as I’ve mentioned before, my lips are quite pigmented so lighter shades often struggle to show up on them.

Lancome Juicy Shaker Freedom of PeachPIN IT

The downside of the Lancome Juicy Shakers is that, I find, getting the level of colour that I personally like takes quite a bit of effort.  I find myself sitting there, shaking away, stopping every 30 seconds or so to apply a layer, which is definitely a bit of a faff for someone who’s happiest to take a “slick and go” approach to applying lip colour.  Of course, if I was then left with a long-lasting finish then I might be more inclined to put in the effort more regularly, but this an oil-based product that slips and slides off pretty quickly.

Lancome Juicy Shaker Boom-MeringuePIN IT

Having said all that, these are lovely products to use if you like a gentle wash of colour housed in a great hit of hydration.  I suffer from dry lips all. the. time. so these are perfect for me, in that they really do leave lips feeling nourished – it’s very noticeable on days when I’ve been wearing them as I don’t find I need lipbalm in the evening.

Lancome Juicy Shaker Apri-CutePIN IT

In conclusion, these are prettily packaged, extremely unique, easy to apply, sheer-wash-lip-tints that give the lightest hit of colour that can be built-up to a medium coverage finish.  They smell yummy, leave lips looking and feeling plump and nourished and I believe there are more shades coming soon, although I very much like the existing shade range.  Check out the Lancome Juicy Shakers here where they’re £18 each.  You can also find them at Selfridges, Boots and John Lewis.

*PR Samples and a purchase by me.


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