Fragrance Friday: Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker ReviewPIN IT

I don’t often feature celebrity fragrances but I have a total soft spot for Sarah Jessica Parker, so I was very keen to try out the latest addition to her line of perfumes, Lovely Sheer, which is a reinterpretation of her original Lovely. Did you know that Lovely launched in 2005? Can you believe that? If I was asked to guess when SJP launched her first perfume I would’ve said 2011 – I had no idea it was 11 years ago! I definitely have a thing for Sarah Jessica Parker as I’m a hardcore Sex and the City fan, and I’ve always perceived her as a role model who is classic, sophisticated and fashionable, much like her fragrances.  Lovely Sheer is the perfect, subtle Summer scent that’s very pretty and easy on the nose.  It makes me think of white cotton dresses and fields full of gently swaying dandelions.

Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker ReviewsPIN IT

Lovely Sheer starts off with top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Orange Blossom which hit you with a burst of freshness that settles down into the heart notes of Gardenia, Pink Pepper and White Woods.  Again, the finish is subtle and my basic nose picks up a floral finish that I would’ve guessed to be white flowers, so presumably that’s the Gardenia, but I was expecting more white flowers in the note line-up.  The base notes are Vetiver, Musk and Amber which again I’m surprised about as these are all notes that I would’ve thought would create quite a musky, heady scent, yet the finish is actually light and pretty.  The great thing about this is that isn’t overly anything – it isn’t too fruity, too floral or too musky, and instead meets a really lovely balance between the main finishes.  If you don’t like a strong fragrance, are looking for something light to carry you through the warmer months (we’re bound to get some eventually…) or just want to add a feminine fragrance to your wardrobe that doesn’t lead with jasmine or vanilla, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely Sheer is a wonderful perfume to check out, especially as it’s very well priced at £40 for 100ml.

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