Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush Set

Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush Set ReviewPIN IT

More brush love for you today, this time courtesy of the Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush Set, which is, in my humble opinion, an absolutely essential kit for anyone who’s looking to up their eye make-up application game – trust me when I say that having these tools at your disposal will make things much, much easier!

Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush SetPIN IT

The Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush Set is a collection of seven brushes that I thought were all eye brushes, but actually there’s a base brush in there (the Baby Buffer) and a lip brush (Get Your Pout Out) too. Believing they were all eye brushes, I’ve used them all for various eye make-up application techniques and they’ve all been great, although there were definitely some standouts for me.  The brush handles are black and comfortable to, whilst the brush ferrules are a beautiful, smoky, petrol-like finish that really makes them stand out amongst the more traditional chrome and brass finishes.

Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush Set ReviewsPIN IT

The Shady Lady Large Fluffy Shader (A06) is a lovely, soft, slightly flat brush ideal for starting off your eye make-up look, or, as the info recommends, for getting the eye area primed and ready with powder and base products before you make a start on your colour.  The Eye Spy Small Angled Blender (B04) is great for adding the first layer of colour on the outer corners as it’s so soft that it kind of blends colour in as soon as you apply it, making light work of this particular element.  The Blending Friend Blending Brush (B06) is ideal for blending all the colours together and softening any harsh lines.  Under Cover Baby Buffer (B03) is another brush I’ve been using to blend colours together as it never occurred to me that it was designed for bash application, but of course now it all makes sense and I’m looking forward to trying it out as a base brush.

Spectrum Siren Smoke Brush Collection ReviewPIN IT

The Draw Me Pretty Fluffy Pencil (A12) is my favourite of the bunch as it’s so handy and versatile; it’s the perfect size for adding colours to eye corners without making a mess, but it’s also the most snug fit for going into the crease, yet it’s soft enough to allow for quite a bit of error making without ruining your look – if you buy one brush, make it this one! Brow Love Brow Definer (A17) is is a Goldilocks brow brush (not too firm, not too soft) and I’ve been using it to apply a soft line of dark shadow along the upper lash line for a softer, smudgier look than liner.  The final brush in the set is the Get Your Pout Out Lip Liner (A15) which I’ve been using to apply colour under the lower lash line and even though it’s a lip brush, it actually works really well for this.  It would also be a great brush for tidying up manicure mistakes. This is such a gorgeous, glorious set of brushes that really have improved my eye make-up application dramatically, and consequently allowed me to go a bit more bold with my looks since I have such good tools to work with, so I highly recommend investing in a set if you want to up your eye make-up game.  The full set is £39.99 here – link – but each brush is also sold individually here – link – at around the five pound mark.

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  • Claire L
    August 17, 2016

    Nice review! I have a Spectrum tulip powder brush I got in a Birchbox and I love it. Looking at the site, they don’t seem to have the Siren brushes in yet?

    • Sascha
      Claire L
      August 23, 2016

      Hi Claire,

      The set is up here – or do you mean the individuals? The individuals appear to only be available in pink, but they’re the same brushes, just different colours xx

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