Profusion Cosmetics FINALLY Launching in the UK

Profusion Cosmetics UK Launch

PIN IT Pro Eyes Professional Beauty Book, $13


Earlier this year, I started putting together a post regarding ranges that I wished would come over to the UK, with the sole inspiration being Profusion Cosmetics.  I follow them on Instagram and it’s one of the most frustrating experiences, since they regularly post pictures of products I immediately want, before I realise it’s from them and I can’t get it.

Profusion Cosmetics UK Launch

PIN IT Pro Contour Tin, £8 (slightly difference in powder order) – link


Technically, I could order from them and ship it all over, but they’re a budget range and it would end up costing a small fortune to import, so I mostly just huff and puff as I view their Instagram feed wanting pretty much everything they post. I’ve included UK or US prices on each picture depending on what’s already available here.

PIN IT Way to Glow Illuminating Kit, $13


I’ve now got wind that they’re coming to the UK and I’m very excited to try them – going by their website, some of their products are already here.  Everything in this post is purely speculative as I’ve never tried anything from them, so I’m basing this purely on things I’ve read and seen, but they do look like a very exciting range that could shake up the UK budget beauty market.

Profusion Cosmetics UK Launch info

PIN IT Trendsetter Blush and Bronzer Palette, $13


From what I can tell, Profusion Cosmetics mostly deliver pro-style products and palettes with affordable price tags.  Of course we can’t possibly ignore the similarity between this brand and Makeup Revolution, but there’s just something very charismatic about the Profusion palettes that are pulling me in.

Profusion UK Launch

PIN IT Correct & Conceal, $6


Maybe it’s the fact that they seem so well thought-out; I especially love the fact that a lot of the products come with applicators specifically considered to work best with the products, such as the sponges included with the correctors above.

Profusion UK launch

PIN IT Brows Pro Makeup Case, $7


I also love the fact that they do these all-in-one palettes that contain pretty much everything you need for a single look.  I really can’t wait for them to arrive in the UK.  From what I can tell, we’re getting a bit of a soft launch so we won’t have the full collection start with, but going by the UK site (which you can view here – link) we’re getting plenty to pique our interest, so it should be a very welcome addition and I’m looking forward to trying it all out. Check out the American site here – link – to see what else is (hopefully) coming.



  • missminty1st
    November 6, 2017

    Wow.. some stunning pallets. Ones that I would use every shade from!
    Rude not to try really..

    • Sascha
      November 7, 2017

      I know! I can’t wait to get my hands on them – I think they look like they have real potential xx

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