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Hydrafacial Treatment Review, Premier Laser ClinicPIN IT

There are few things I look forward to more than a really good facial, especially since my skin stopped being a big mass of spots, so I can now receive facials knowing that they’ll be designed to do more than address my acne.  I’ve had Hydrafacials before, and I’ve always loved them because they provide all the things I like in a format that’s relaxing and comfortable, yet still very results driven.  Therefore, when I was invited along to Premier Laser Clinic in Notting Hill, I was eager to make my appointment.

Hydrafacial Treatment Review, Premier Laser ClinicPIN IT

The Premier Laser Clinic in Notting Hill is well situated in an area that’s easy to find and easy to park near.  It is downstairs and the stairs are outside, so as the weather starts getting colder and wetter, that’s going to become a bit of a hazard (since they’re those horrible metal ones that attract all the leaves) but as long as you’re careful, you should be okay.  The clinic itself is nice enough; well presented with a great selection of various different skincare brands; it isn’t luxury but it isn’t too bad either – it sits bang in the middle.

Hydrafacial Treatment Review, Premier Laser ClinicPIN IT

Hydrafacials involve using various instruments that are attached to a machine to deliver the different elements.  You start with a deep cleanse to remove all makeup and surface dirt, then the Hydrafacial begins with the deeper cleanse, which, at the Premier Laser Clinic, will either involve a Lymphatic Drainage Massage or a steam depending on your skin type – this is an element that the clinic have adapted slightly to ensure the treatment is most suited to your skin type, which I think is a sensible addition.

Hydrafacial Treatment Review, Premier Laser ClinicPIN IT

Next up is the exfoliation, which starts with a machine based, manual exfoliation, followed by a chemical peel.  I’m not a huge fan of manual exfoliation done in the fashion as I think it can be quite abrasive, but it’s all part of a treatment that I really like, so I stick with it! My skin certainly didn’t feel inflamed and the peel didn’t sting (which you would expect it to if the manual exfoliating caused any sensitivity) so I think it’s something that works well within the context of the treatment.

Hydrafacial Treatment Review, Premier Laser ClinicPIN IT

The next step involves using the machine to do extractions; this is great if you’re like me and struggle with the traditional extraction method as it’s nowhere near as painful.  After this, there’s the serum application, which is my favourite stage in the treatment (although it’s also the messiest) as it involves using another tool attachment to gently press serum into the skin.  Finally, a lovely bit of LED is used to finish off this extremely comprehensive treatment.  I was then shown the results of my treatment all the nastiness that had been removed from my skin, as you can see in the image above.  You’re welcome…I really rate Hydrafacials and my experience at Premier Laser Clinic was made very positive thanks to my practitioner, Amina, who was friendly and very competent, and most importantly, didn’t try and push any further treatments or products.  The Hydrafacial at Premier Laser Clinic is £120 per treatment, but if you bulk buy a course then it works out quite a bit cheaper.  Find out more here – link.

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