Skintifique – Calming, Soothing Skincare for All Skin Types

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Skintifique are a small yet perfectly formed range of skincare that’s formulated to provide extremely gentle and soothing care that’s suitable for every skin type, from oily and acneic, to dry and sensitised.  The brand’s USP is that it provides protection from metals suck as nickel – I don’t know enough about the impact of metal on the skin to know whether this is particularly great or not, so my review is mostly based on how the skincare performs in a more traditional sense.

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I was sent three products, the first of which is the Cleanser P, which is one of the best micellar solutions I’ve ever tried, so I’m annoyed I forgot to include it in my 2017 Skincare list! It’s one of those products that’s so incredibly gentle that you think it isn’t going to do much, but it really does remove every last scrap of make-up, including multiple layers of mascara, without causing any irritation or need for repeated rubbing – my eyes seem to have become particularly sensitive recently and this doesn’t cause any issues at all.  It’s here – link – for around £12.70 (it’s priced in euros).

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The Moisturising Lotion HP is the one product that I can’t really review as I only used it once (on my body) as I misconstrued it as a product limited to body use (having read up on it more thoroughly online, it’s apparently suitable for the face too) and I’m kind of annoyed I haven’t tried it on my face – I will rectify that soon and either update this review or write a quickie new one.  It’s £23 here – link.

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If your skin is dry, tight, red and sensitive and nothing seems to be working, try Hydrating Gel Plus HS, which is just phenomenally hydrating and really will give you an overnight overhaul.  It’s a very, very soothing and hydrating product that stays on the surface of the skin, which is exactly what my skin needs when it’s thirsty, as often I’ll apply products that’ll absorb so quickly that I’m left wondering if there really was any point in applying them, but the Hydrating Gel Plus HS stays put, slowly hydrating the surface skin overnight.  To be honest, I would probably use this every night, especially as it doesn’t give me any breakouts or congestion, but the downside is that it’s very sticky, and even though that’s not something that causes any major issues, I just don’t like the stickiness! It’s a very small price to pay for such intense and pure hydration, but it’s worth mentioning for those who would find it a pain.  It’s £28.30 here – link.  You can also find the Skintifique range on Amazon here – link – where it appears the products are slightly cheaper to purchase.

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