Skin Design London Radiance Roller Treatment


What if I told you that I had found the perfect London facial that ticks all the boxes? The Skin Design London Radiance Roller Treatment is results-driven, extremely effective, pampering, fast, sends you home with a device and is unbelievably well priced; expect a very impressive experience that will definitely have you returning!


I popped along to John, Bell and Croyden for the Radiance Roller experience, which is a 30 minute treatment starting with a peel and finishing with a dermarolling session.  Skin Design London have a range of products that are stocked at John, Bell and Croyden, plus they also offer facials at Fortnum and Mason too.  They have a range of peels available depending on your skin type and needs, but I’ve been wanting to experience Dermarolling for ages, plus I love a good peel, so the Radiance Roller treatment was the one for me.


The treatment starts with a double and thorough cleanse before the peel is applied.  I had the Vitamin A Peel, which is very gentle and didn’t sting at all.  This is left on for around 5 minutes or so, and during this time you’re given a choice of scalp or shoulder massage and I went for the scalp, which was lovely and a fantastic touch in a treatment that’s already so well constructed.  Once the peel was completely removed, the Dermarolling started.


Skin Design London use a 0.2mm length needle on their Dermaroller, which is a standard, entry level length and a great one for anyone to start with.  I did actually find the Dermarolling experience quite uncomfortable; nothing terrible, but there were certain parts where it felt a bit intense.  It’s certainly a lot better than I thought it would be though, and yet another great thing about this treatment is that you’re sent home with the Dermaroller, so you can maintain your results at home.  Isn’t that a great touch? The final stage involves the application of a couple of different Skin Design London products.  My skin had been really settling down recently and not breaking out half as much as it used to, so it has started to look a lot better, however, this treatment really did put some ‘wow’ back into it, as my skin was absolutely glowing for a good week after; it looked calm, radiant, dewy, hydrated and just seriously, seriously improved. The very best part is that you get all of this for £60, which is just amazing and I think you would struggle to find that kind of value elsewhere.  Find out more about the Skin Design London facials here – link.

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