My First Beauty Pie Order (June 2018)


Regular readers will know that I featured Beauty Pie when it first launched as I was sent a little introductory kit.  I wasn’t overly excited with the whole concept as at the time, it was small and nothing really grabbed me.  Since launch, they’ve drastically extended their line, and I found myself regularly checking the site and finding products I actually really wanted.  For those who are unfamiliar, Beauty Pie promises luxury products for a considerably reduced price, if you’re a paying member of the service.  The monthly fee is £10 (which gives you the reduced prices) and you have £100 spending limit each month; the £100 is based on the full-priced items, and when you join, you have to stay a member for a minimum of three months.  I don’t love the monthly limit or the membership minimum, but I completely (albeit reluctantly) understand why they’re in place, as it’s not a particularly sensible business model to have people dip in and out as they please.  You can up your monthly limit for a higher monthly fee, which I can see the appeal of, but I quite like the monthly limit as it’ll give me something to look forward to each month, plus I have to plan what I’m going to buy.  Any residual balance from a monthly spend gets taken over to the following month, which is fair.


So! There have been lots of things I’ve been lusting after from the Beauty Pie site, and when you first join, you get a £150 monthly limit for your first month.  My first order was heavily focused on base products and I started with the Everyday Great Skin Foundation in shade 100 Ivory and The Unbeatable Concealer in shade 50.  I haven’t tried the foundation yet (but I will likely to do a full review for The Foundation Files) but I have tried the concealer and it is actually slightly too pale, so next month I’ll probably order the 100 shade once I’ve tried the foundation to make sure it’s a good shade match.


The Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder was one of the products that convinced me to place an order as it reminded me so much of the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder.  I went for shade Supernova which is gently warming, brightening and generally very pretty on the skin.  The other main incentive for my order was also a powder, the One Powder Wonder in Uberlucent Universal, and this is the one product that has really blown me away – I’ll be doing a full review soon, but if anything has convinced me that Beauty Pie products are genuinely luxury, then it’s this one.  I’m actually obsessed with their powder products now, so I’ll definitely be getting more in my next month allocation.


Finally, the Superbrow Pro Sculpting Powder in Ash Brown – I basically seek out any product for brows with the word “ash” in the description and blindly purchase.  This is a really interesting product that’s a dense powder that’s almost liquid-like; it blends out beautifully and really is very ashy – I use a brow brush to apply this rather than applying directly as I think it might be a bit too harsh otherwise, but I will be getting the other Ash Brown products to see how they perform.  Finally, the Futurelipstick Luxe Shine is a lovely, hydrating lip product and the colour Naked Pink is soooo pretty! Pinkyum is the next shade I’ll be getting.

As you can probably tell, I’m definitely a Beauty Pie convert and overall I think it’s a really good service that genuinely provides luxury products at affordable prices.  The products easily compete with the expensive products in my collection and that can’t often be said for other budget ranges.  Head to Beauty Pie here – link – to find out more.  I piad £33.88 for everything above including the subscription fee, although the postage of almost £8 was a bit steep!

Have you subscribed to Beauty Pie? Do you have any favourite products that have really impressed you? 

*Purchased by me


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