Your Perfect Facial SPF is Probably Here (Holiday Heroes)


My holiday is in two weeks! TWO WEEKS, BABY! So I’m doing a few holiday posts which I’m tagging “Holiday Heroes” to make it easier for you guys to find them all in one place.  This is the year that I have finally pulled my socks up and ensured I never leave the house without a good facial SPF, since they are such an essential part of a good skincare routine and it does seem quite ridiculous to focus so much time on caring for and perfecting skin, just to go out and ruin all my hard work by leaving it unprotected in the sun.  I am on a mission to help you find your perfect facial SPF, so with that in mind, here are lots of great ones to suit all budgets and tastes:


If you’re on a budget…

ELF have recently released a huge range of impressive and innovative skincare which includes some very decent SPFs that sit happily in the budget category.  The Beauty Shield SPF50 Skin Shielding Primer promises to prime as well as protect, making it a handy multi-purpose product that apparently layers very well with the Beauty Shield SPF50 Skin Shielding Moisturiser, which makes similar promises in a hydrating format that can replace both moisturiser and SPF – I do like the idea of layering SPF to ensure intense protection! These are £14.50 each here – link.

The Ordinary recently released their range of SPFs, which they’ll be extending even further very soon, but at the moment you can get the Mineral UV Filters with Antioxidants in either an SPF15 or SPF30, and as it’s The Ordinary, expect fancy science in a purse-friendly format.  The SPF15 is £7.90 and the SPF30 is £8.90 – it looks like an SPF50 is on the way too.  Find them here – link.

The Vichy Skin Perfecting Velvety Touch Cream is as lovely as it sounds, with a high SPF50 and a formula containing hyaluronic acid, this could happily provide both hydrating and SPF if you’re looking to slimline your routine.  It’s solidly reliable and £16.50 here – link.


If you want to keep things fuss-free…

There is a lot to be said for an SPF that’s pure focus is to provide you sun protection in the simplest form, without any distractions, so here are some great ones, starting with the Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF30, which already has a cult following thanks to the fact that it slots in brilliantly with all skincare routines and feels great on the skin.  It’s £55 here – link.

Murad have a huge range of SPFs for every skin type and need, with the City Skin Broad Spectrum SPF50 providing some serious protection, not just against the sun, but also the damaging effects of blue light that’s emitted from devices such as phones and computers, plus pollution too.  It’s £55 here – link.

The Dr Rita Rakus Protect Moisturiser SPF45 gives you both lots of hydration and an SPF45 in a pump-action dispenser, making it a fuss-free, handy product that’s especially good for travel and daily top-ups.  It’s £37 here – link.

The Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion SPF50 is particularly well suited to sensitive skin, so if you’re someone who struggles with skin that reacts to richer SPFs, this is a great one to try, especially as it’s a nice and high SPF50 and well priced too.  It’s £29.50 here – link.

Hevl SPF50 Face Creme is another great choice for overly sensitive skin, which is also fabulous priced and fuss-free.  It’s £19.95 here – link.

Evy recently launched into the UK via Space NK with a great range of sun care products, all of which are in mousse form for easy application.  The Daily UV Face Mousse SPF30 is a pleasure (and fun!) to use, absorbs quickly and feels good on the skin too.  It’s £25 here – link.


If you want your SPF to work a bit harder…

The Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF30 does a bit of everything, providing daily protection in a silky, non-greasy format with skin-loving ingredients such as Vitamin E, alongside light-reflecting pigments to give skin serious glow and prepare it for make-up.  It’s £46 here – link.

The Obagi Professional-C Suncare SPF30 is one of the brands most recent launches, and works particularly well alongside the amazing Obagi C range, but also provides antioxidant protection thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin C, so great for all skincare routines.  It’s £69.34 here – link.

The QMS Medicosmetics Cellular Sun Protection SPF50 encourages cell repair whilst protecting skin in a gentle and lightweight formula.  It’s £67 here – link.

Bobbi Brown were the first brand to make me realise that priming formulas can be moisturising and creamy, rather than plasticky and all about the silicone.  The recently launched Primer Plus Protection SPF50 is a light yet hydrating primer with a great level of protection and a decent price point.  Expect a full review soon! It’s £24 here – link.


If you like your protection tinted…

…then you’re like me! I love a tinted SPF as it not only adds a hint of coverage (so great for the gym) and the SPF is usually really high, so they tick lots of boxes.  I think everyone can find their perfect facial SPF, and mine is currently the Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection is an SPF50 and melts into skin, leaving it looking hydrated and lightly perfected thanks to the tint.  It’s also a decent price at £29.99 here – link.

The Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF50 was a favourite of mine for a while, but the tint is just a fraction too dark for me.  Other than that, it was very similar to the Neostrata one, providing a multitude of benefits with a great, tinted finish.  It’s available in either a cool or warm tint and costs £55.62 here – link.

The Korres Tinted Sunscreen Face Cream does a bit of everything, relying on red grape to provide skincare benefits as well as a tint to provide light coverage, plus SPF30 and SPF50 options AND a great price point too! It’s Currently £24 here – link.

Finally, Ultrasun is one of the most well-known brands in suncare, so I had to include the Sun Protection Tinted Face SPF50, which again provides a high level of protection alongside a tint and a great dispenser too.  It’s £25 here – link.

If you’re in an SPF rut or struggle to find one that suits you, hopefully one of the above will be your new best friend.  


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