Fragrance Friday: Floral Street Wonderland Peony

Floral Street Wonderland Peony PIN IT

In a world of fragrance that’s trying so hard to be incredible different and unique, it’s sometimes a real pleasure to find something unashamedly and traditionally pretty – introducing the gorgeously floral and fruity Wonderland Peony from Floral Street, which is like a big burst of bright and beautiful flowers laced with fruit and a touch of wood at the base; there’s nothing new or novel here, but that doesn’t matter at all (Floral Street have plenty of other fragrances that are a lot more ‘interesting’ if you fancy something quite different) as this is one of those lovely, happy scents that’ll immediately put a smile on your face.

Floral Street Wonderland Peony PIN IT

Wonderland Peony comes housed in an understated glass bottle with a peony on the back – all the Floral Street fragrances follow this theme and it’s very effective.  The bottle is a little bit pink, courtesy of the pink peony that covers the entire thing, making this pretty enough if you’re like me and a lover of girly things, but not so pink that it looks sickly.  Speaking of sickly, a fragrance like this could so easily becomes sickly and overtly sweet, but it’s actually pretty far from that – it’s definitely sweet, but the raspberry flower and pink berries give it a tartness that allows the mix of pretty flowers and fruit to stay fresh and clean, plus the wood at the base keeps the whole bloom grounded and stops it veering off into the Potpourri end of floral notes.  This is a very feminine scent that actually offers something a little different to the typical floral number since it isn’t relying on rose or jasmine to lead the way, so you’re left with a fragrance that’s extremely pretty, very light and very easy to wear.  It’s £55 for 50ml here – link – or you can opt for the 10ml for £22 to give you a taster.  If you’re ever in London, I really recommend visiting the gorgeous Floral Street store (in King Street, not Floral Street, just to keep you on your toes…) to fully immerse yourself in the Floral Street experience whilst you lust after their range of candles.

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