Mask Monday: Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque

I really, really like the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Serum as it's such a lovely, soothing product that works brilliantly at calming reactive, angry, sensitised skin, so I was thrilled to hear that Skinceuticals had added a masque to their line, and I hope this is a sign of things to come - I would like more products in the Phyto Corrective line please! The Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque is a healing, gel mask designed to calm and cool[...]

Five Things I Love: August 2016

I'll join in with the bemusement that everyone appears to be feeling and say: I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S SEPTEMBER! How did that happen? How is it time to start thinking about Christmas again? Crazy! I thought it was time for a Love List as I haven't done one for a little while, so here are five things I thoroughly enjoyed using during August. I've mentioned the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel, which is a lovely light serum that soothes and g[...]

LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care Liquid Supplement

I am stupidly excited about trialling the LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care Liquid Supplement as I'm only eight days in and I already feel like my skin is showing pretty impressive signs of improvement, although of course it's far too soon to state this oral skin care supplement as a miracle cure that i really, really hope it is.  The LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care is one of four liquid supplements available from the LQ Liquid Health Bra[...]


Sleek I-Divine A New Day and I-Divine All Night Long Swatched

As promised in my look new Sleek launches, here's a closer look at the new Sleek I-Divines A New Day and All Night Long which are due to launch next month. As the name suggests, A New Day is more of a day palette, whilst All Night Long is more night-friendly.  However, that doesn't mean you're limited to one or the other as both palettes contain a good range of colours that can be adapted for day and night time wear. Sleek I-Divine A New D[...]


Colour Contouring and Restyle at Charles Worthington

There are few better ways to perk yourself up than a good restyle and recolour, although of course going to someone who doesn't know what they're doing can have the opposite effect, but thankfully my most recent visit to the salon was to see the amazing Johanne at the Charles Worthington salon in Percy Street, London, for a total hair revamp. A few days previously to my appointment, I had visited Jonanne for a Dry Bar Style (more on that la[...]


Quick Pick Tuesday: Diamond Whites Black Edition Tooth Polish

Finally a whitening toothpaste that really does whiten! Well, I say whiten, obviously it isn't bleaching your teeth, but it definitely is removing stains effectively, quickly and easily.  The Diamond Whites Black Edition Tooth Polish is a rather interesting product, as it's literally just activated charcoal from coconut shells, and it's every bit as black as it looks - that colour doesn't lighten as you use it! You dip your brush into the powder,[...]


The Balm In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Palette

Here we have the strongest contender for my palette of the year winner - the Balm's In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits, which is the most glorious collection of some of the brand's best-sellers.  In The Balm of Your Hand (ITBOYH) contains 4 eyeshadows, 3 blushers, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 1 red lip colour and 1 lip and cheek cream in a nude shade. The reason I think I love this palette so much is because it feels like each product is[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Catwalk by Tigi Strong Hold Mousse

I thought I'd post about the Tigi Strong Hold Mousse today as it ties-in nicely with my previous post on the Remington Curl Revolution.  If you're someone who spends plenty of time doing their hair, getting it exactly how you want it, before checking the mirror half an hour later to see that it's all dropped, then you need a good mousse like this one from Tigi. I used to be a huge fan of mousse, but it's been years since I've done anything mor[...]


Primal Man Shave Club

Not a week goes by that I don't get at least a couple of e-mails regarding some new monthly, beauty-box-style subscription service launch.  There have been a few aimed at men, but none that I've felt were executed particularly well, however, the arrival of Primal Man Shave Club might change things. The Primal Man Shave Club is, quite literally as the name suggests, a grooming box service aimed at men and designed to improve the whole shavi[...]


Costa Summer Menu 2015

Now for something a little different on the blog today, but as I have quite a few foodie and Health Hack posts in the pipeline, I figured something about some yummy treats would be welcome too! Coffee is my biggest weakness - now I now longer smoke or drink, coffee is my thing that I love to indulge in and if I'm really after a treat, I'll go to Costa for a Caramel Latte and Triple Chocolate Muffin. However, having been sent a voucher to tr[...]


Quick Pick Tuesday: Calcot Super Smoothing Scrub Mitt

This week's Quick Pick is a bit of a bargain and a handy buy for anyone who's baring more skin, holidaying or fake tanning any time soon.  The Calcot Super Smoothing Scrub Mitt is, as the name suggests, an exfoliating mitt that makes body-buffing an extremely quick and easy experience.  It works like a glove, so you literally just put it on and get buffing! I've included an extremely helpful picture of my wearing it on my hand below, for your vi[...]