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    1. I would tread carefully with anything too liquid unless you’re really good at application as I would imagine the result would be quite messy. Plus you need to take into account whether a liquid liner will aggravate your eyes too as you’re putting it very close to the incredibly delicate inner eye skin xx

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial. What is your opinion of the Laura Mercier tightline activator? Necessary or not?

    1. To be honest, from what I’ve read I don’t think it’s really necessary and I may be wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that once you start using the activator you can’t then go back to water, so you’re essentially ruining your eye liner cake which I personally think is a bit rubbish! I don’t see how the activator can improve on water as it works really well with just water xx

  2. Also . . . I’ve read that the Laura Mercier cake liner stays on so well that it’s difficult to remove. What is your impression of this and what are you using to remove it?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes and no; it really does stay on well but what makes it a little tricky to remove is where you’re applying it as obviously you’re going under the lashes. However, I find that as long as I’m using a good eye make-up remover that doesn’t sting my eyes (any of the reputable micellar solutions work really well; I prefer to use either Bioderma or Etat Pur) then I can use a cotton bud to slide off the eyeliner xx

  3. Thanks so much for not insisting that I “create an account” before I comment. I often want to comment on a blog but am just not going to go through the hassle of an account/password, etc. GREAT JOB! I’ve bookmarked you!! Keep em coming Girlfriend!!

    1. No problem at all and thanks so much for bookmarking me and leaving such a lovely comment 🙂 xx

  4. I’m tempted to buy the LM cake eyeliner for tightlining but have read that the water does something weird to the cake. You’ve had your cake for a while. How does yours seem? Thanks so much!

    1. No problem 🙂 I haven’t actually heard that about the water affecting the cake but I have heard about the Activator that LM also sell causing problems with it. I’ve got 4 cakes in total, one I think is about a 8 months old and the others were Christmas presents and none of them have shown any weird reactions to water….but maybe I’ve been lucky? xx

  5. As long as LM feedback is being generated, I’ve read in the comments section of Sephora and/or Ulta that the activator makes your brush super hard. It also does something to the cake so you end up not being about it. I wish LM would come out with a new tightlining product. I love tightlining and am currently using a variety of waterproof eyeliner pencils.

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