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  1. I haven’t tried this yet but my skin can be very sensitive and I personally feel very uncomfotable and worried when I feel any stinging or tingling having had bad experiences in the past.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Victoria and you’re a perfect example of exactly why we need to have explicit information included in the beauty boxes. I’m lucky as I can get away with putting most things on my skin, but there are many who, like you, have very sensitive skin and a mask like this could cause real problems xx

  3. Sounds like a lot of people are experiencing irritant contact dermatitis to me:

    This mask is clearly irritating to many people and going by the official statement from Vinies Veda it’s is actually designed to be that way: “In some cases, it is your body’s normal response to the pure Ayurvedic herbs to experience redness and heat. Redness of the skin is not cause for panic. The redness and heat are an indication that the herbs are activated and working.”

    It is your body’s natural response to an IRRITANT to produce redness and heat. It IS cause for panic, as your skin’s protective barrier has been breached. The redness and heat is caused immune system components rushing to defend the area in case of infection. Don’t get me started on the Ayurvedic stuff… /angry biologist

    Boudoir Prive should have researched this mask and disclosed its ingredients and potential for irritation. Especially since Vinies Veda make no secret of the fact that it’s designed to be irritating.

    I feel a ranty blog post coming on…

  4. Hi Kat, thanks very much for your comment and you raised some really good points! I noticed you’ve extended your thoughts on this post so if anyone’s interested in reading more, have a look here:

    I agree to a certain extent about BP, but I also think that it’s expected for them to have a certain amount of faith in the brands they work with and such brands should be reasonably expected to supply information if any of their products can irritate. Really interesting debate it’s created! xx

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