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  1. Great to read your latest installment, especially now that you are seeing real results. I finally managed to get brave and get going with my Reaura. Like you, I used setting 2 and it hurt like hell. Thankfully because you had blogged about your similar experience, I didnt panic! My first session was pretty much just as you have written. Hurt and red and zinging! I was waiting for the musical beep to tell me I was done, I was beginning to wonder if the machine was broken, it seemed to go on forever, I was over and back on each section so many times. The pain and discomfort faded in about 3 hours. I was fine the next day.
    Session 2, wasn’t as painful (just like you) and I completed it in 20mins. When I stared on the left side of my face, it was much more painful than the right side, go figure. There is definitely a knack to using the Reaura. I find my forehead the hardest to do. I’m not seeing any results yet, my skin feels dry and like paper but doesn’t look it. I’m encouraged to keep going considering you are doing so well. There are not a lot of users posting on the Philips site, which is a pity. Thanks again and keep posting. rgs Sinead

  2. I have had exactly the same dryness after treatments for a couple of days. I exfoliated and then it was soft. The second treatment was alot easier than the first but Im having some issuse with my nose, can’t seem to make it work there 🙂 I have noticed some changes such as less blackheads and smaller pores and also my skin looks tighter already. Going to do my third treatment today.

  3. Hi guys, thanks so much for your comments, I feel like I’m building a little ReAura community here; it’s fantastic!

    Sinead, I know what you mean about the time it takes to get to the end of treatment beep as even now I still feel like it goes on forever, and I’ve managed to get quite quick at it! It is a treatment that takes a bit of getting used to but in my opinion, it’s soooo worth it in the end.

    To the other commenter, I’m really pleased you’re seeing results, especially on pores as I have such stubborn pores so I’m hoping it’ll have an impact on that soon; I won’t hold my breath though as they appear to be determined to stay put, no matter what…I can live with that if the rest of my face looks good though!

    Thanks to both of you for your comments and please keep me updated! xx

  4. Thank you so much for your blog posts on the Reaura. I think it is great that you are giving such detailed and honest information. I look forward to the next post as well as the FAQs. Is there any contraindication on using the Reaura on suntanned skin, skin treated with glycolic acid,or those who use St John’s wort or other drugs that can make you photo sensitive. Do you think that you make have some photosensitivity on your chin due to acne treatments? This maybe why your chin reacts more.

  5. Thanks for your comment Allison 🙂 I would definitely say that you’d need to tread really carefully with regards to any kind of chemical or manual exfoliator; I personally would advise leaving it a couple of weeks before starting treating with the ReAura and I do believe you need to use a sunscreen during treatment, so I’m guessing that means there’s a risk of photo-sensitivity. Sorry for the slightly vague answers, I haven’t got the full manual to hand but I’ll have a look tonight and post back with more definitive answers! xx

  6. Hi Beauty Geek,

    I haven’t been online for a while due to having had that nasty virus (and didn’t feel much like doing treatments when I was ill either). I was really interested to see your latest post – your skin looks amazing! How fantastic that you’ve created a ReAura community, I have given up on the Philip’s site, I can’t get it to work and it was too frustrating…

    I’ve lost count but I think I’m on treatment number 7 or 8 now. I’ve been putting it on level 3 from the outset and it’s moderatly painful but bearable. Nowhere near as bad as bikini/armpit waxing or lasering for example! I don’t mind the discomfort at all, because the results are amazing, unbelievably dramatic.

    I was mainly concerned about lines around my eyes and on my forehead. They have nearly all disappeared! I had some pigmentation too and that’s completely gone now. My pores do seem smaller but they were very large to start with. Overall I would describe my skin as looking airbrushed! I saw someone I have known for about 20 years and hadn’t seen for ages the other day – and she said and I quote “You never seem to age!” 🙂

    I agree that the next day there is some downtime, my skin is red and a bit puffy – but I don’t mind this as I know it’s working. Skin feels like sandpaper but with gentle exfoliation it’s soft again – softer than before actually.

    I’m over the moon as I was actually considering having Botox – but I really, really didn’t want to. There is no need now! This is the best investment I’ve ever made. No more buying expensive creams either, that don’t live up to their claims!

    The other great thing is you can use it under your eyes as long as you are very, very careful not to go too close to the eye – I think it’s reduced the shadows I had there.

    Finally, I thought you might be interested to hear about some fantastic products I’ve discovered which have really helped me during my treatments:

    1) Suntegrity sunscreen which you can only get online, it’s chemical free and very gentle – it’s very important to use a sunscreen because the ReAura creates new cells and you don’t want more pigmentation. I also think when you are using the Reaura it’s important to mimimise chemicals on your skin because the skin is sensitised. Chemical sunscreens have lots of nasties in them.
    2) Rosa Mosqueta oil – again it’s comletely natural and it helps massively with cell regeneration/is very hydrating, and you don’t need much.
    3)Dr.Hauschka skin tint, which is chemical free too and gives great natural coverage, to cover the redness the next day.

    Hope that helps!

    Ella xxx

  7. Hi 🙂

    I’ve also just started my Reaura Treatment, today was my first run -and I only did one zone on a level 3 setting.
    It’s hurt like hell (but returned back to normal in about 2 hours), but it’s comforting to read your blogs especially as I struggle with post-acne, amongst other problems causing hyper pigmentation.
    The immediate thing I’ve noticed is the tiny dark pigmentation spots on the treated areas -apparently that’s normal, but I was wondering if you’ve experienced anything similar?
    I also noticed the same thing on my hand, where the assistant at Space NK, trialled it out on a setting 1, so I don’t know what to make of it?
    I don’t know if this will make a difference but my skin is darker than yours -and I do know Asian type skin tones do struggle with pigmentation more… if you know anything at all it’ll be a great help.
    Also I noticed, like me you suffered from acne and now occasionally get spots? I thought I should mention also at my consultation I was advised not to use the Philips aftercare as she felt it could lead to more acne but a lighter, equally hydrating moisturiser. I’m currently using Moisture Milk by elemental herbology.

  8. I haven’t experienced the little spots but I have spoken to others who have; plus it’s mentioned in the blurb so I think you’re OK 🙂

    To be honest, I think the aftercare lotion is really good on my skin. I’m not sure if it’s moisturising enough as I do really dry out with the ReAura, but I wouldn’t say it gave me any spots – saying that though, my skin stopped being spot-prone once I was treating regularly so it could be that.

    I’ve mentioned it a few times on my blog, but a really good, deeply moisturising yet non acne causing cream is Eucerin Q10 Night Cream for sensitive skin. It was really handy during my treatments and I rely on it heavily when my skin is playing up!

    I really hope the ReAura helps with your pigmentation and please keep me updated on your progress xx

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