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  1. Hi there
    Yes I understand what you’re saying. I follw you on facebook and then go into your blog if the topic intersts me. For instance your comparing of beauty boxes was good cus I had a dec beauty box and I hadn’t heard of the other ones. I don’t know how yo intend to include only regular bloggers into your comp – what about your facebook fans? how do they fit in the picture

  2. Thanks Charlote, I thought it might lighten the mood….and thanks for loving my dog, she is a bit special πŸ˜€ xx

  3. Hi Maria, really the way I’ll be doing it is looking at how much they interact with the blog – when I say blog I mean anything relating to the blog so the @beautygeekuk twitter and the @beauty geek UK Facebook – and seeing if people seem like they’re compers. I know it isn’t ideal, but it’s the only option I can think of. I’d prefer to acknowledge those who interact or read my blog with a prize rather than people who couldn’t care less about it. I’ll also look at ‘signs’ of compers, for example, those who set up profiles on Twitter or Facebook that are all about competitions and nothing else. I’m not looking for people who are religiously reading it and if I’m in any doubt then I’ll keep the entry, but it’s more about those who are screamingly obvious compers.

    Safe to say luvvy, you’re one of the most interactive so you have nothing to worry about πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Thats great thanks. Oh I was so happy with my glossy box. My daughter got a subscription for me for xmas so I got my first one in November. Never heard of them bfore.Love getting things from the postman! (should perhaps rephrase that..)
    Happy christmas and make sure you get a Xmas stocking for your pug x

  5. I’m sat here thinking ”Hats off to BeautyGeekUK” for blogging this, as it is something that has been bothering me for quite sometime. As of the new year, I too will be scrutinising giveaways a lot more!!

  6. Hey BeautyGeek πŸ™‚ I will quite openly admit I love comping, and yes, my twitter (@BeePowley is a bit spammy at times haha, but my facebook is just for friends and I follow you on both. But I love blogs, the only reason I don’t have one is I don’t think I’d be very good, and actually I enjoy reading them too much!! I’m part of the More Hot 100 who do beauty features in more magazine, and lots of the other girls on there have blogs too, all of which I follow and read all the time….currently I have 5 tabs open with blog posts I need to catch up on! I think blogs are so informative and SO helpful for buying things from the depths of the beauty world, every bit of help counts! All I’m saying is don’t punish the compers, some of us actually love bloggers too, but deffo it’s worth to check them out if you want
    πŸ™‚ I’ve also sent in a design for the new logo for TOWIB (I’m much better with pictures than words, and thats my little attempt to give back to the blogging world to say thanks!) I’ll also keep an eye out on MSE for your comps, and will kindly ask them to delete any posts of you that appear πŸ™‚ loads of love Becky xxxx
    p.s. your dog is SO CUTE!

  7. Hi, just saw your comment about compers on Facebook. I have to admit, that i came to your blog initially when seeing a competition. But when i got here, i found that there were lots of things to interest me.

    I tend to follow you on Facebook and see whats happening and then come to your blog.

    I follow lots of companies on Facebook and on Twitter (as i am quie nosey!).

    Keep up the good work.

    ps your dog is so cute! xx

  8. I’m disappointed in this post.
    You are tarring all ‘compers’ (your description not mine- I call myself a person who likes to enter competitions that I’m interested in, that’s all) with the same brush.

    How are you proposing you figure out who are your dreaded ‘compers’ and who aren’t? What about people who read your blog but don’t comment much but want to enter competitions? What about people that fit your ‘comper’ description but also fancy winning something? I think it’s quite mean spirited to be punishing a whole imagined section of the internet society because you have run a few competitions that didn’t go well.

    As I said, I’m sad and disappointed and actually a little hurt as I have been reading this blog on and off for a while but never commented, and yes I have entered blog competitions, and now I feel like a whole pitch fork mob is going to be after me as I have been lumped in with your so called ‘compers’ of doom.

  9. An interesting blog, but I’m a bit confused. On one hand you’re thanking 70% of your visitors for doing as you want them to do, but then because 30% don’t you’re taking steps as described.

    We know from experience people don’t claim their prizes (no idea why) – but could the others who aren’t interacting be people who have signed up, thought this isn’t for me and left?

    In other words are that 30% actually moving on as you desire? If they’ve signed up (and possibly spread the word) haven’t they done a useful task for you?

    I know you’ve added your competitions to Loquax, so we’ll not include them from hereon, unless you instruct. But, you (and other bloggers) need to decide what your competition is doing.

    If it’s for traffic – a competition to compers – is ideal. Using compers to then spread the word is ideal. But don’t expect 100% interaction.

    Perhaps the key is to run competitions for brand building and another for readership rewards?

    Our guide here may help a little and give you some ideas. As always (even if you’re not adding a competition) Loquax is happy to talk/discuss any issues. We’re siteowners/bloggers/business etc so do understand a lot of concerns.

  10. Wow I feel really disappointed to be honest Im a comper and never once have considered myself “the wrong type of people”, people who comp enjoy reading blogs too as well as being part of comping community we are also real people.

  11. Comping is a very popular hobby now, and I don’t see the point in antagonising any compers. As a blogger (Chez Maximka), I’ve run a few comps in the past and added a link to my giveaways on a few sites where compers might take notice of it. I always tell people they don’t have to follow my blog just for the purpose of entering the comp, and that they are free to enter without being my followers. I think it is a bit narcissistic when bloggers insist on everyone following their blog plus Twitter plus FB plus whatever is there to follow. There are compers and there are compers. Some are greedy and would enter for any prize, but many more are generous and are sharing their wins and prizes with friends and charities. This is a mistake to paint all compers with the same brush. Incidentally I never entered any of your giveaways, so no sour grapes on my aprt, just wanted to express my opinion as a blogger and a comper.

  12. Well said, as much as I love a good compition, I don’t enter a lot on blogs as there are so many comments I feel like I’d never win! Anyway I’ve not long since discovered your blog and it’s fab so keep up the good work.

    On another note your dog is seriously cute!

  13. Very well said! And well done for having the guts to post about the issue. We’re running a competiton at the moment and I’m praying to god that compers don’t catch on to it, as it will make my life a nightmare trying to figure out who are the genuine readers deserving of a prize and who are just in it for the free stuff.

    Does anyone else find is quite a strange hobby to have? I like winning stuff in competitions as much as the next person, but I’ve heard of people who keep notebooks and spreadsheets and follow competition forums and make it their hobby to enter hundreds of competitions a week. That must be very time consuming. Granted, you have a much bigger chance of getting free stuff if you dedicate your spare time to “comping”. But to be honest it strikes me as a mindnumbingly boring hobby, so I just don’t get it. I’d rather be reading a book, practicing photography or learning something new. Each to their own I suppose!

  14. Wow a lot of comments! Thanks everyone who’s made a comment as your feedback has been really beneficial and I’d like to address a couple of things:

    Firstly, my use of ‘compers’ was a bit too vague. In the blog, when I’m talking about ‘compers’ I’m talking about those who set up a profile, enter the comp, then are never heard of again. I won’t give examples as I don’t think it’s fair, but they’re very easy to spot as more often than not there is absolutely no activity on their GFC profile other than following my blog, their profile has only been open a short time (usually ties in with the comp entry) and these are the people who are never heard from again. You are welcome to have a look through my Google friend list and you will spot them straight away.

    People who are regular compers but still interacting are still welcome to enter. These people might have a compers profile, but you can see it’s regularly used and therefore when they’re following me on Twitter/Facebook they’ll still see my blog updates and ‘might’ see something of interest that isn’t a comp. I have no problem with people who enter lots of comps as part of their hobby, it’s those who are setting up something purely to enter this comp and then never follow it up again that I take issue with. Sorry if this is unfair, but this is to make things easier for me when choosing winners.

    Loquax, thanks for your comment too. Unfortunately my BF gets involved to help me spread the news of a new comp and thought it was a good idea to list it on Loquax.

    As I mentioned, I’m still a fairly new blogger and still finding my way and the most central part of my ‘mission’ is to try and ensure that anybody who might be interested in my blog gets a chance to get involved. If people aren’t in any way interested in my blog, just the competition, I would prefer it if they didn’t enter and that’s all I’m asking for, which I don’t think is too unrealistic.

    Thanks again to everyone who commented and I’m still standing by what I said, but I am sorry if I upset anybody with my post as that wasn’t my intention xx

  15. “I’m praying to god that compers don’t catch on to it” – one thing we do at Loquax is only list blog comps when the blogger submits!

    It may be a “strange hobby” but then some find blogging strange – each to their own. Some bloggers are happy doing a little, others want to do more.. so there’s extremes in blogging as in comping.

    But, I do think bloggers need to consider what they’re doing when it comes to running a competition. Is it for branding and building traffic or just rewarding your userbase? You often need to dissociate away from the emotion of the prize giving and concentrate on the “business” side of being a blogger.

    Kicking out people who don’t interact is a bit of a risk imo. Imagine your site is a shop – do you kick out those who just come in once and browse? Course not!

    If you award a prize and the person doesn’t claim, award it to someone else (you can do this as long as you give a deadline for claiming). Also make it clear winners are announced on FB and Twitter.

    You’re not alone in non-claimers. We had someone discover they’d won one of our comps 4 years late! And if we had 70% interaction we’d be quite pleased.

    Anyway, surely the only person losing out “as it was” is the winner not claiming. You still have traffic, the new readers who you say do interact, SEO links etc.

    Your frustrations are valid – but the solution to those frustrations are imo often a lot simpler than your proposed approach.

    Whatever you decide though – good luck.

  16. hmmm not too sure i agree with you here ! i blog and do product reviews . The main people who visit my blog are probably compers , but since i also enjoy entering comps i dont mind at all…in fact i love rewarding my followers who have helped build up my blog and facebook page , and these people are compers! It is lovely to see familiar faces that crop up time after time , but i also love newbies who arrive on my blog. Some new folk reading this post might be put off entering in case they are tarred as a ‘comper’ . Good luck & each to their own.

  17. I think this is quite an unfair post.

    I am a ‘comper’

    It’s thanks to comper spreading the word about your competition to others that your site has built up traffic.

    I am also a blogger and reviewer and regularly run giveaways.

    As long as an entrant fulfills the entry criteria and meets any terms and conditions – they are doing no harm,

  18. Thanks to everyone who’s commented. Unfortunately this has spread out onto a forum and the consequence is that a lot of people have zoned in on certain things without taking into account the full message and therefore missed the point I’m trying to make. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and I will take it into account for future competitions. As I’ve said in previous comments, if I’m in doubt about an entry I will keep it, it’s those who are either not following the rules or have set up a profile just for the competition and show that they are not using it regularly. If in doubt, I’ll keep an entry. I have no problem with comping profiles that are used regularly, but all I’m trying to ensure is that the prizes go to people who actually want them and so far nobody has supplied an alternative way to ensure this. If someone does, I’ll happily rethink! Thanks again everyone xx

  19. Haha, that picture of your dog literally made me lol πŸ™‚

    I understand your frustration, but it’s tough situation to handle. I used to make my giveaways for my subscribers only – but then I noticed that a lot of people would subscribe and then unsubscribe when the giveaway was over. In the recent year, all my giveaways have been for everyone, no subscribing or following required – so no one who does not want to subscribe has to. It gives me a more realistic sense of how many readers I truly have. It’s a bit unfair for my readers when say “compers” come along to steal the giveaway prizes — but by making giveaways not for everyone, I will exclude the silent, busy, or infrequent readers. I think they’re all equally as important and supportive in their own way.

    I hope that you will be able to prevent the spammers from flooding your board to take away prizes from your true readers – but be careful not to exclude the less than vocal readers, for many readers can be quiet.

  20. Hi Katherine, thanks very much for your comment πŸ™‚ it’s just such a tricky balance to strike as I’m trying to work out which of the two evils is preferable.

    Since posting the letter I’ve had a lot of comments and interactions; some of which have been balanced and informative and tried to give their perspective, but a lot of them have been very ‘self-deserving’ “I am a comper and I have a right to enter your giveaways regardless of whether I’m interested in your blog” which has, rather sadly, led me to lean towards my original view being the correct one.

    I HATE the idea of excluding people, especially if they fall into the category of less vocal readers, but I’ll be doing my best to keep an eye on who enters the comps from now on as I really detest the idea of giving away something that I’ve spent money on to someone who believes they’re entitled to it. I have some absolutely lovely regular readers, so if I can find a fair way to ensure they’re more likely to receive the prize then I’d like to do everything I can to ensure that happens.

    Really interesting hearing so many different people’s stances on this; I had no idea it would drum up such a reaction!

    Thanks again to everyone who’s shared their opinion with me xx

  21. Problem is when you get readers like me. I read, comp and v. Occasionally interact, but not very often. I also follow via bookmarks on my phone rather than blogger or Google friends. AND I retweet & share comps via FB.
    So I wouldn’t think I’d make it through your filter?

  22. @elisebutt65 The prerequisites of the majority of my comps are that you’re a follower through GFC, so you wouldn’t be eligible if you weren’t following during the comp running time.

  23. doesnt all people who enter comps become “compers” and in that case if you want people to just read your blog dont do comps its a bit of a sticky wicket as your labelling compers as bad people when its just another hobby. I have my own blog the readership could be bigger but i dont do comps yes like all walks of life some compers are win at all costs but the majority are just in it for the hobby and the odd win i wish you luck but your going to get some stick for labelling everyone the same..tigga1961

  24. Maybe mention in the competition that your looking to grow your readership etc and that it’s not a competition aimed at compers, I think your find less will apply if they see a negative attitude towards them.

  25. I also love your dog.

    Not so sure about your letter though. Although I’m what you would probably call a comper I found your Blog when i was looking for some blogs to read NOT a competition to enter.

    I have Twitter and Facebook profiles which I use almost exclusively for competitions – like many other compers I choose not to impose my competition entries on my friends. I felt forced to do this by the number of competitions who expect me to share or tweet as a condition of entry.

    I am also a fairly new blogger. I don’t run competitions but prefer folk to visit my blog because they are interested. My interest in blogging developed from visiting competitions on blogs – you could possibly say that’s a form of interaction.

    When I visit blogs I don’t tend to interact direct nor I suspect do the vast majority of non compers who visit “the silent, busy, or infrequent readers… all equally as important and supportive in their own way.”

    When I visit particularly interesting ‘fashion’ blogs i tend to share them with my daughter (a student of art and fashion) who may often comment and who I am encouraging to set up her own blog. She may tell her friends. I may move on but sometimes I have referred several readers first!

    I have several hundred favourites in my bookmarks so you’ll excuse me if I don’t visit regularly enough to maintain a day to day knowledge of content. In that regard I get really annoyed at sites who ask for my email address but don’t let me know if I’ve won even when I am receiving their newsletter. Incidentally I tend to stay subscribed till i judge the content. i am also subscribed to several blogs through GFC on the same basis.

    If you check me out you’ll find i retweet and share a lot – as part of the ‘comping community’ i like to give others the chance too – I’d probably have more chance of winning if I didn’t!

    I don’t particularly expect to win competitions but would rather spend my time entering them than say watching reality TV. I do expect through comping to find a lot of interesting sites and blogs which I enjoy and revisit.

    As a final thought, if you’re a blogger, please don’t take advantage of us compers. We’re not in it for the money, we’re in it for the fun, so please respect that and don’t take advantage of our passion. If in doubt, try to go beyond your first impressions.

    1. Hi Colin, thanks very much for your comment. I’m not sure I can add anything that I haven’t already mentioned, but I appreciate your thoughts xx

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