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  1. Aww what a pity. I’m sure it’s just a temporary disrutption and your skin will calm down soon. I’m not sure if I commented to say this already, but I love your ReAura logs. I have acne scarring too, so I’m keeping a close eye on your progress to see if it’s worth investing in. Thanks so much! x

  2. Hello luvvy, yeah it is seriously rubbish so I’m really hoping it’s only a temp thing 🙁 The ReAura really has done amazing things for my acne scarring; I had what can only be described as a mass of them on my chin, the whole area was red and purple yet now there’s pretty much no sign of them. It’s incredible, which is why I’m gutted at the mo! Only short term though 🙂 so glad you’re enjoying the logs and thanks for reading them xx

  3. Just started to use my Reaura again after having to stop due to illness. So sorry to read that you are out of action. I have been following another Reaura user and she is getting super results, so I hope you can start again soon. Really love your blog. Sinead

  4. I definitely think it is, not just from my experiences but having read quite a lot of other people’s thoughts I haven’t heard a bad word against it and everyone seems thrilled with their results xx

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