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  1. Not much on the beauty front – some lovely OPI nail varnish! – I have a thing about my toe nails – I think feet are ugly so always try to pretty mine up with coloured nails and designs. I also got some new perfume – Hugo Boss from my son.
    I absolutely love the eyeshadow colours you got – Can’t wait to see how you blend these colours I really do think they are great.
    Hope you had a great christmas
    Tracey xoxo

  2. you got spoilt with the make-up lol

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas 🙂 If you want to nosey my Christmas gifts the post has just gone live

    Happy Christmas


  3. Ah, lucky girl! The NARS sets are to die for! I decided that this year I’ll be opening my gifts on new year’s eve, so they’re still under the tree, except for a Sleek blush which has been already opened and is on my cheeks right now!
    Happy day!

  4. Hi Tracey, I totally agree, I’m really not a feet fan so I try and make sure they’re always painted in a pretty colour. I love OPI! Which shades did you get?

    The eyeshadow palette is AMAZING, it’s seriously like it was made for me as all the colours are perfect for my colouring; will update as I go along xx

  5. @beauty diaries, I did get very spoilt! Thanks luvvy, hope you had a lovely Christmas too! Will head over to your blog shortly xx

  6. Hi Ria, I’m blown away by your self control! I was proud of myself for managing to keep a couple of presents for the evening to open; normally they’re all opened within half an hour of being awake and last year they were opened at about 2am Christmas morning! Hope you get lots of lovely things xx

  7. Both of the NARS blush look gorgeous, they make me want to go and buy one, although I have tons of makeup I haven’t even opened yet so can’t really justify!

  8. @Claire Trevor they really are so incredibly pretty, although I’m more taken with the lipglosses and varnishes! Haven’t had a chance to fully try out the blushes (all 3 of them!!) but will update when I have xx

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