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  1. Certainly interesting! I’m not sure what my boyfriend would think. Not sure I would pay that price though… Maybe with the BuyaPowa
    Karen S
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

    1. Ha ha 😀 Yeah it is the perfect example of the sort of beauty procedures that men will never understand…The BuyaPowa ran last week so I hope you managed to get in on it xx

  2. I tried one of these last night managed to keep it on for 3 hours and my skin felt amazing. It looked amazing too. My lines were gone my face looked plumper and refreshed. Definitely worth the money. I tried the cheaper versions before and they smell fishy and don’t work as well. I looked like iron man but if that’s they price to pay for better skin and less wrinkles its definitely worth it

    1. Ha ha 😀 Iron Man is a good description! I definitely agree with you; ever since Jamela arrived I’ve seen lots of cheaper version try to compete xx

  3. when i first wore this i look like the killer from friday the 13th. my 11 year old sister saw and laughed at me.. haha.. but i liked the mask though…

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