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  1. I have had acne problems for years and years. Recently I found my miracle cream, finally! I am not exaggerating, it really is that good. It’s called Quinoderm, you might have heard of it. You buy it over the counter at Boots for about £3. It’s quite harsh as it strips your skin and disinfects you but if you use it with a light moisturiser and take a break day every few weeks your skin will eventually get used to it. Now I cope with maybe one spot a week and even then it goes within days. Have you ever tried it?

    1. Thanks Izzie, I’ll give it a go when my skin has calmed down and post about it if it’s any good on my skin xx

  2. I have had acne prone skin for years and I have tried such a variety of different products and prescription medications to try and get rid of it. I have found that trying to stick to the products that work for you are one of the best things to do – the more I change my routine the more my skin seems to freak out…
    Have you tried products by La Roche Posay? They have this product called Effaklar K and it works really well to prevent breakouts and I tend to use it at night. I have also changed my contraceptive pill as most of my breakouts are related to changes in hormone levels and this has helped so much and is something to bear in mind if you are currently taking the pill. Hope this helps a little and good luck! x

    1. Hi Rachael, I have tried La Roche Posay and whilst I thought the items I tried were quite good, they didn’t have a significant impact on my skin so I did what I advise everyone else not to do, which is move on to another range without giving them the benefit of the doubt! I do pay quite close attention to my skin though and it reacts quite quickly to certain things (in a good way) so if I don’t see some minor signs of improvement that tell me my skin is reacting well then I tend to put the products aside. Thanks so much for your comment and advice xx

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