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  1. I looked at the picture thinking it was nail polish and got extremely jealous of your nail art skills, haha! I love the design on these wraps and the fact they don’t leave scratchy tips. Need to look into these!

    1. Ha ha 😀 I wish! Some of the things people manage to do to their own nails with nail art blows my mind; I just don’t have the patience! xx

  2. I’ve just started getting into doing my nails as I’m a reformed biter 🙂
    Really love these wraps love the colours.
    I found some wraps in my local Poundland today and tried them for first time.Impressed that they so easy to use and look fab!! Will be investing in more if there’s any left.

    1. Ooo congrats on kicking the habit 😉 They are really brilliant for quick nail jobs and last surprisingly well so all in all, they’re a great invention I think xx

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