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  1. Well said! Articles like that just make me feel rubbish about myself. My skin is bad at the moment and that brings me down enough. I don’t need someone with perfect skin telling me all i need is a proper wash! pfft!

  2. About time too on this subject!! It can be so upsetting when you are doing everything possible to clear up you skin and someone who has hardly ever had a spot in their life states that it is down to a poor cleansing routines!

    1. Precisely! The thing that surprises me most is that posts like this still occur, as knowledge about acne is so much more widely available and most people know it isn’t due to poor hygiene. It’s ridiculous, really.

  3. That is a terribly ignorant article… I have suffered of acne for about 14 years so I can completelly undrstand how you feel. The people who say that acne is caused by someone being “dirty” don’t even deserve a second thought…

    1. Very true, it just bothers me that there will be people who read that and end up feeling even worse about themselves than they already do.

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