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    1. I am *crazy* excited about this brand and that rarely happens but I’ve been using a few of their products since I got them and I’m yet to find issue with any of them. I’m obsessed with their actives! xx

  1. I really love Etat Pur Skincare products. It really made my skin smooth, lovely and moisturized. I know that they would also enjoy Etat Pur Skincare Products.

    1. They are absolutely amazing and the more I use them, the more I love them. It’s so fantastic to have a company arrive here that doesn’t want to charge the earth for results xx

  2. I’m loving their Salicylic acid active – hate to be gross but it really loosened up the blackheads on my nose, went for my monthly extraction this week and it didn’t hurt at all (usually KILLS!).

    Now it’s all clean and i’m using the active on my nose to maintain…

    1. Thanks Dil! I was saying to Jane tonight that the Citric Acid is out of this world for my skin; going to review it this weekend as it’s just had such a great impact! Will definitely try the Salicylic acid on my nose as I’m really prone to blackheads there xx

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