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    1. No problem Louise, I’ve read good things about this box so hopefully they’ll keep up their standards and provide some great treats xx

  1. Oh sweet ty. I recently signed up for latestinbeauty – they are good coz you don’t have to subscribe and you can pick and choose your samples, it’s great 🙂

    1. No problem Anna 🙂 I used to use Latest in Beauty when they first arrived, they’re such a fantastic concept!xx

  2. Thanks for the discount code! – I have signed up and look forward to seeing how this compares to the others. One day I will whittle it down to one box 😉

    1. No problem 🙂 ooo are you a member of all of them then? They’re so addictive aren’t they? I had to be vigilant last month and cancel all my subs as I seriously don’t get a chance to use any of the products anymore. Glad you got to use the code xx

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