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  1. Hi Sascha. I took my personalised presciption sometime back. I am most excited to try the ‘Zinc Gluconate’ as I really need a good spot fighting system and ‘Apigenin’ as I have dark circles as much as no cream till date has made any difference to them. So hope I win 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Divi,

      I’m using it at the moment and it’s seriously good! I’ll be reviewing it fully soon but it takes the anger out of new spots pretty much overnight xx

  2. Hi Sascha! This is a fab giveaway – I’ve been super interested in Etat Pur recently, and your glowing reviews (and now – skin!) only make me want to try them more! For my skin (Oily, teenage and suffering from mild acne – I emailed you a while ago wanting advice actually!), they recommend Salicylic acid 300 – my skin loves this ingredient, so I’m itching to try the gel!



    1. Hi Ben,

      I remember mentioning Etat Pur in our e-mails! It’s definitely a brand I’m head over heels in love with as every product I try delivers amazingly. The salicylic active is fantastic; I’m just about to start my second bottle xx

  3. I’m most excited about Apigenin 25mg which is recommended for dark circles, to smoothe out the eye contour and reduce signs of fatigue. I’ll be 40 in August and starting to suffer with dark circles and patches under my eyes so this sounds fabulous. @JoTurner5 on Twitter

  4. Great giveaway! I’m intrigued to try the Apigenin for dark circles etc, the bags under my eyes are awful, have been all my life and as i struggle with sleep this sounds very interesting!

    Thanks <3

  5. I am most excited about Zinc Gluconate to combat any excess sebum that causes impurities and blemishes on my skin. My Twitter is @Glamoroux and GFC Glamorouxx

  6. Great giveaway!
    I did my prescription and I would love to try Radiant complexion care! It sounds interesting.. makes the skin radiant and bright,revitalizes the skin and lessens signs of fatigue…I like it!

    My email is

    Thank you!

  7. My prescription was really interesting, loved the sound of the LW Hyaluronic Acid to regenerate my face!

    Email is annette.thomas AT

  8. One of the things I was recommended was Salicylic Acid 70 [70 mg] if it can help with my blackheads I would be very happy.

    @snowted on Twitter.

  9. Wow, I must admit I’m slightly overwhelmed by the 10 products it has recommended me. I do like the idea of a set of products geared, not just towards my skin type, but also for my age group and ‘issues’!

    I’m a mixture of intrigued and slightly wary of Arbutin as it is recommended for dark spots! I have tiny patches on my cheek bone which tan that little bit more quickly/darker than the rest. I like a healthy glow but this does irk me so I’d be cautiously curious about trying Arbutin!

    I’m following on GFC and can be contacted at

  10. What a great giveaway
    My prescription includes acmella for wrinkles and i am very excited if there is something which will have an effect on my wrinkles

  11. The best one in my prescription is Apigenin. It says it is good for dark circles. I take after my Mum and have huge dark circles under my eyes… if it can get rid of them or make them less obvious, that would be awesome! I’m following on GFC –

  12. Im suffering from a bit of a break out ATM so i am most intrested in the Zinc Gluconate 🙂

    @kiki_725 twitter

  13. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway. I really like this brand but, being unemployed, I just can’t afford anything right now so this would be a blessing.
    My prescriptions mentions Apigenin and Salicylic Acid 70 which are the two things I am most excited about. Apigenin because I suffer from horrible dark circles and puffy tired eyes so it’s a great help, as for Salicylic Acid, I’m excited because my nose and forehead easily break out with blackheads and zits and I hear SA is great for that as well as a good exfoliant for my flaky cheeks.
    Thanks once again for the chance.

  14. I’m most excited about Rutin as I suffer from a little roseacea and would love to calm it down.
    I follow on GFC – Jo Young and on Twitter as @BoostieBoo

  15. Hi
    A great giveaway
    Read about this brand on another blog, looks great
    The products which most excites me is the Salicylic 300 mg because i have really bad skin issues am 36 but have started to get inflames spotty skin which just keeps getting worse, no matter what i try.
    This mentions that this will purifying and exfoliant properties to normalize the complexion and effectively treat blemishes which sounds like just what i need
    this contains Salicylic Acid 70 pure Active which i know is great for spots at treating them deep down.
    the spots are really getting me down to the level that i do not get my photo taken at all and do not look in the mirror as i hate what i see
    really lowered my confidence as i feel that people think that i am lazy and eat greasy foods that is why my skin is like this
    never had any spot issues even in my teens
    some great prices for the range,very reasonable has anyone tried the range yet
    thank you
    email is

  16. Ive just done my prescription as a forty-something with dark skin and am excited to try the Apigenin Pure Active eye cream for dark circles and fatigue. The only other thing I do that helps counteract this is exercise, walking, cycling and erm, you know what! 🙂 Combined with a few mins of massaging my face and neck it would be lovely to see some improvement!

    I follow on GFC as Isobelle Forde
    and on Twitter @mountaingirlee4

  17. Done the prescrition and Salicylic Acid 300 sounds good, looking on behalf of my son who has had acne for 7 years and tried everything under the sun

  18. I have never tried Etat Pur product, I hope to get lucky and win this product ^ ^ am excited to try the Micellar purifying cleansing water .

    my twitter @puteriratnasari
    my email:
    my GFC: Puteri Ratnasari

  19. I’ve just completed my prescription. I have never tried Etat Pur products but would be lucky to win this. I’m most excited about Zinc Gluconate and Salicylic Acid 300. This is a great giveaway ! I follow on GFC as Sabina Cenusa.

  20. Hi, Radiant complexion care has caught my eye as it sounds like a bit of a cure-all and is also slightly tinted! I love products that do more than one job as they save space and money.
    Also Rutin sounds very interesting. People have commented that i look “hot and bothered” but i’m not, it’s just my rubbish skin!! 🙁

    chedtaylor @ hotmail. com

  21. I’d love to try the Apigenin Pure Active eye cream for dark circles and fatigue.

  22. Etat Pur looks fabulous! your review is excellent & i would love to try it! @kemo_2002

  23. I took my personal prescription & am most excited about Argan, if it can get rid of these tiny wrinkles that are appearing I’d be one happy bunny!
    Following via GFC ‘Lou Chambers’.

  24. My personal profile suggested the Salicylic Acid, which i’ve heard is great for spots, i will have to give it a try! I’m following on GFC as Debbie Timms x

  25. I was recommended Vitamin PP in my presciption.
    It would be great if it helped my dry skin which no amount of moisturiser seems to smooth! Following on GFC – Rachel Blackburn

  26. The product Apigenin would hopefully work wonders on the dark circles and bags under my eyes – they make me look so old

  27. I suffer from the odd spot, but struggle with dark circles hoping this product is the last one I need to try @_cathyj_

  28. My personal precription recommends Citric Acid – AHA is sounds an amazing product.Following GFC – Christine Clarke

  29. Really eager to try the Micellar Cleansing Water as my friends all rave about it!! Twitter ID is @GreenKittens

  30. Mine recommends Zinc Gluconate which I would be really interested in as it sounds like it would make my skin look less shiny and get rid of the occasional blemish I get

  31. I did my prescription and Im most excited by the Salicylic Acid 70 it works on blackheads and I suffer really bad with them

  32. I did my prescription and I am most excited about the Salicylic Acid 70mg. I must admit the name is a bit off putting but it says it works on blackheads which embarrassingly I suffer from. It also says its purifying so that sounds wonderful too.

  33. the Q10 to help slow down my wrinkles, now i am about to hit 40 its quite scary as they are arriving fast and they are permanent! lol

    twitter @tamalyn1

  34. I love – Q10 [40 mg]
    would love to slow down the aging process 🙂 – @snarepuss

  35. I think ive found my cure the Acmella now ive never been one for botox it seems like i wont ever have to with this always suffered from forehead lines and now looks like ive found a cure woop woop

  36. I would love to try the Salicylic Acid 70 to help with my blackheads and to give my skin a good exfoliation

  37. Having never tried any of these my prescription would require something to tame my skin, ie take the redness out and help with outbreaks! @cluckyhen0 (GFC Kristy Brown)

  38. this is great and recommends citric acid – shall give it a go. Twitter is @davesbabe00. GFC Sue Smyth

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