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  1. I actually like it 🙂 and I’ve never thought to use BB liner on my lower lid before…going to have to try that!

  2. Thanks very much Caroline 🙂 You know, I quite like the eye make-up and I quite like the lashes, just not together! The one thing I’ve taken from the experience is how to apply liner to the lower lashes so I’m quite happy with that xx

    1. Thanks lovely; I think now I’m over the initial shock of such huge lashes I’m loving them more and more! xx

  3. There is something really striikng about those long, sweeping outer lashes. I much prefer these the usual ones, if you know what I mean. Very pretty!

    1. Thanks lovely; I do know what you mean, I just can’t figure out a time when I can wear them out! I’m definitely going to try though 🙂 xx

  4. Mostly eyes enhances the beauty so many of us in the youth tend to concern more about eye makeup, specially gigantic lashes is the best way of making the eyes attractive.

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