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    1. Me too! I’m just trying to build-up the courage to import it as I’m always worried about charges xx

  1. The OPI Mini Mouse Collection is on my wish list too & that Bobbi Brown palette is so nice. Id get so much use out of that.

    1. Argghhh don’t encourage me! 😉 I’m ‘this’ close to buying the palette, I just need to think of a few more reasons to justify the expense as ‘because I’m worth it’ isn’t currently cutting it xx

  2. Love the look of the Illamasqua box, but currently skint so far too pricey for me. I drool over the Bobbi Brown palette everytime I see it, it’s just gorgeous, if I could afford it, it would be mine, MINE! I’ll prob end up getting one of those Balmi’s at some point, just for novelty factor as they do look cute, might be good stocking fillers for Xmas. I’ve got the Sleek palette, but haven’t used it yet, although I do have others and I love them. Would love to try the Lip Tars, but will prob end up with the Sleek Pout Paints. I use the Wake Me Up foundation, and quite like it, so will have to try the concealer, depending on reviews.

    Phew…I’ll shush now.

    1. You’re as bad as me!! I’ve managed to visit Boots twice now without remembering to have a look for the Balmi; I’m really obsessed with the idea of a raspberry flavoured lipbalm, although I’m sure it’ll be nothing but disappointing now I’ve built it up so much.

      I need to hunt down some Pout Paints, thanks for reminding me! As they’re basically the same thing from what I can gather? xx

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