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    1. They are seriously good; Revlon have come on in leaps and bounds with regards to lip products and I’m already a firm fan of these particular ones xx

  1. I keep hearing about a shade called “charm” which is meant to be a peachy shade. I haven’t actually seen a swatch and can only assume its only available in the states (a bone of contention for me along with the Maybelline baby lips not being available here either!!). Do you know of this shade? X

    1. I have heard of Charm funnily enough as someone mentioned it when I first posted about these. It doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting them here which is very annoying! I honestly don’t understand why we get limited shades.

      I agree with you about Baby Lips! Maybelline also released some great mascaras and I’ve been told we won’t be seeing either over here 🙁 xx

  2. I have one of these in Honey, and I love it. I don’t have a Chubby Stick to compare it to, but I’m perfect happy to stick with these. I think I need to get Crush next, and slowly get them all. Like Pokemon.

    1. Ha ha 😀 Yes that’s exactly how I feel about the Chubby Sticks funnily enough! I quite like the idea of having the whole collection, although that’ll cost me an arm and a leg….xx

    2. Fantastic! I’m just behind you with two; can’t remember the names though, I’ useless at remembering shade names xx

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